ZX Flux vs ZX Flux Adv

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Of course, everybody knows Adidas. We can’t deny the fact that Adidas products are loved by many people and have been sold all over the world. Adidas shoes always speak about quality, performance, and comfort. So, we would not be surprised if you are considering to get a pair of Adidas shoes for running and exercising. Adidas ZX Flux is a popular budget-friendly model, preferred because of the simple yet modern design and great comfort. However, there is also ZX Flux Adv, a rather new addition to the line. Both ZX Flux and ZX Flux Adv are available in a similar price range. So, should you pick ZX Flux or ZX Flux Adv? Find out about the differences between these two models below.

ZX Flux vs ZX Flux Adv

Even though there are some similarities with the looks of both models, we can say that there are noticeable distinctions that set them apart. Both are simple yet contemporary and elegant. But ZX Flux has asymmetrical lacing that spans longer, whereas ZX Flux has an asymmetrical lacing that is shorter. Due to the longer lacing, you can adjust the fit of ZX Flux more precisely, allowing for a more comfortable and more solid fitting. But the difference is not big enough to create a judging factor. ZX Flux Adv can also fit well; the shorter, asymmetrical lacing looks unique and stylish, and allows you to complete the lacing from end to end more quickly. ZX Flux has welded TPU 3-stripes, the typical symbol of an Adidas product, whereas ZX Flux Adv has omitted this feature.

Both models come with external heel cages, but ZX Flux Adv’s TPU-welded heel cage with a webbing heel loop strap looks more rugged than ZX Flux’s supportive heel cage. ZX Flux comes with a breathable mesh upper, which is very comfortable. The sole looks thicker due to featuring the Torsion System with an injected EVA midsole for lightweight and reliable cushioning as well as long-term durability. On the other hand, ZX Flux Adv comes with a ballistic nylon upper, textile lining, and injected EVA midsole. Both models have rubber outsoles, but ZX Flux’s outsole has a more pronounced tread pattern that can give more traction for better performance on slippy surfaces.

- Textile
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Removable insole
- Synthetic
- Fabric sole
- Cut: halfshoes
- Season: all year

In general, we recommend you to choose ZX Flux for running, exercising, or just casual walking. It provides a more precise fit, more comfort, and better performance. But for casual purposes, you can choose ZX Flux Adv if you prefer the unique and stylish appearance.