Tuxedo vs Suit

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Today the tuxedo is a suit for evening wear. But some people confuse about what constitute a tuxedo and what is the difference from a suit. The majority of men are still confused about details between both of them.


If you have the same question about the difference between tuxedo and suit, you should read this article to know the physical difference between tuxedo and suit and the exceptions to the rule.

Tuxedo is considered evening suit and to be worn only in the evening at the black tie events. A tuxedo requires a special occasion. The point of wearing a tuxedo is not only to dress up and look great but wearing a tuxedo is means that moment is so special. Tuxedo is must be worn with tuxedo shoes or patent leather slipper. Wearing tuxedo with classic styles means that you do not have a lot of flexibility with. Most colors classic of tuxedo is made in black and midnight blue. The design of the pocket square is also classic plain white. Tuxedo is to be worn with bow ties and waistcoats or cummerbunds.

You can wear the suit any time of the day. The suit is less formal than the tuxedo and can even be considered casual wear if you wear a suit without a tie in light materials such as linen. The suit can be made from some lighter colors fabric. The suit also can be made from a casual fabric. In the pocket square of a suit is designed with wide variety of colors with a suit. You can wear leather shoes that complement the suit’s texture. The suit can be worn with ties or plain.

Tuxedo vs Suit

- Most of classic tuxedos are made in black or midnight blue.- Suit can be made from a lighter color fabric.
- Pocket square is a classic plain white.- Pocket square is wide variety of colors.
- A tuxedo requires patent leather slippers.- Suit is worn with leather shoes

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Wearing tuxedo means in a special moment and wearing something special that you will not wear it anywhere else. Tuxedo is more formal than the suit. You can wear the suit every day such as your friend’s wedding party or wearing the suit in date. But wearing the tuxedo is only in the special moment.