Tissot Visodate vs Seiko SARB

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Both Tissot and Seiko are well-known brands in the world of watches. These companies have delivered various high-quality watches with great design and great durability. In the following article, we are going to discuss about the companies’ products, Tissot Visodate and Seiko SARB. Those two models have caused lots of confusion among people, as they find themselves unable to choose between Tissot Visodate and Seiko SARB. Both share similar retro-style looks, and are simple yet elegant. With such traits, Tissot Visodate and Seiko SARB become highly versatile; those watches can be used for work as well as for casual going outs. So, which one should you go with?

Tissot Visodate vs Seiko SARB

Tissot Visodate and Seiko SARB are available in a similar price range, so you can’t really choose based on the prices alone. Besides, we certainly wouldn’t about spending just a few more bucks to get better comfort and style. Both Tissot Visodate and Seiko SARB have similar basic ideas; they are simple and straightforward, both in interface and setting. Simple, yet functional and elegant. They manage to blend vintage looks with modernity in such harmony. (Read also : Tissot Visodate vs Le Locle)

However, there is a slight difference in their designs; Seiko SARB’s body is a little bit more curved. Such design, according to some of its users, makes Seiko SARB more comfortable on a smaller wrist. However, the same cannot be said if you’ve got bigger wrists. In addition, the interface of the watch appears plainer than expected. The bars that act as the number indicators around the clock are just slightly too long and too bulky, and the pointy edges just don’t help. There is just a date viewer, without day or month viewer. The dial system is decent.

On the other hand, Tissot Visodate somewhat appears more stylish and elegant. The bars are just right, neither too big to clutter nor too small to be seen. It also has a curved case, which looks awesome and feels comfortable on average wrists. On the watch, you can see a calendar system which shows both the current date along with the day. Being able to see both the day and the date is most probably more useful and handy than being able to see just the date alone. Plus, the dial system is great; the dial system is clear and less fussy.

- Imported
- Swiss automatic movement with analog display
- Leather calfskin band with leather-deployment-buckle closure
- Water resistant to 30 m
- simple baton indices and day/date window at three o'clock
- Imported
- Display Type : Analogue
- Water-restistant (bar) : 5
- Diameter (without crown) in mm/inches : 40 / 1,57
- Weight in g/ounces : 84 / 2,96

Tissot Visodate vs Seiko SARB
In general, Tissot Visodate is the better choice. It has a more stylish vintage appearance, better dial system, and a better date viewer. But, if you still like the looks of Seiko SARB better, then you can choose that model instead. Choosing a watch is basically about your taste and preference, after all.