Tissot Visodate vs Orient Bambino

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Today, wearing a watch has become almost imperative to any man. Wearing a watch is not only a matter of practical functionality; of course, one of the primary functions of a watch is to inform you about the current time, but a watch has also become an essential part of fashion, especially for men. Without a watch on your wrist, you may feel unconfident or incomplete to go outside. This is because a watch symbolizes wealth, confidence, discipline, calculated actions, all the traits of a true gentleman.

Tissot Visodate vs Orient Bambino

So, now, if you are currently looking for a nice watch to wear on your wrist, you may find yourself considering both Tissot Visodate and Orient Bambino. The thing in common between these two models is that they both have been designed with a retro, vintage style. If you put them side by side, you can certainly tell the resemblances. So, which watch should you choose? (Take a look : Tissot Visodate vs Seiko SARB)

If we look very closely, we may conclude that Tissot Visodate appears to be more modernistic whereas Orient Bambino is more classical. This is because Tissot Visodate’s bar indexes are somewhat simpler and slimmer. The arrows are not shiny and are slightly more slender. The Tissot logo, however, has been written a little bit too large and too obtrusive for most people’s taste. On the other hand, Orient Bambino comes with a more classical look, featuring bar indexes that are slightly thicker and with a slight yellowish/bronze tint. The arrows are slightly fatter and have shiny looks. Nevertheless, the Orient logo is written well in an elegant manner without disturbing people’s gaze.

Regarding the design, again, they can be quite similar. Both are round, though Orient Bambino has a more pronounced bezel. Both also have crystal domes. However, Tissot Visodate’s dome is slightly taller and bulkier. As the effect, it sits higher on your wrist. This can be an issue, as it may tire or hurt your wrist, and it may appear bulky behind a shirtsleeve.

On the other hand, Orient Bambino is noticeably thinner and slimmer, making it able to go under the shirtsleeve without getting so noticed. It is also less likely to bump around.

Finally, we should also point out that Tissot Visodate comes with both a day indicator and a date indicator. These two features can be very handy at time. Orient Bambino only has a date viewer. Both models are rugged and durable, as they can withstand submersion up to 30 meters.

- Classic stainless steel watch featuring white dial with simple baton indices
- 40 mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire dial window
- Swiss automatic movement with analog display
- Leather calfskin band with leather-deployment
- Water resistant to 30 m (99 ft): not suitable for swimming
- Orient new caliber F67 Made in Japan, 22 jewels
- Self-winding & Hand-winding movement
- Second hand halt mechanism
- Convex(Spherical) crystal glass
- Size: 40.5mm / 43.5 mm with crown

Tissot Visodate vs Orient Bambino
Tissot Visodate has the slight advantage of having both day and date indicators. If you like the modern appearance, then you can choose the model. However, for a more vintage or classical taste, Orient Bambino can be your choice. Its slimmer and more compact design add comfort and elegance.