Timbuk2 Command vs D Lux

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When on the move in cities or doing light travel, it’s important to have a bag that not only looks stylish, but is versatile enough for all your needs. One of the most popular types of bags available at the moment is the messenger bag. Originally used by couriers, they have now become popular fashion items worn by a variety of people for various reasons. One of the most popular companies in the market is Timbuk2 (a company actually founded by a bike messenger in 1989). Two entries in company’s messenger bag line are the Command and the D Lux. We’re going to take a quick look at them to see which one is the best.

Timbuk2 Command vs D Lux

The D Lux has a ballistic nylon exterior compared to the polyester of the Command, meaning that the former is waterproof, while the latter is just water resistant. The Command comes in 25 different colours, whilst the D Lux is limited to only 9. Both bags can fit a laptop as well as other accessories such as smartphone, folders and papers, but only the D Lux is actually studded to give added protection to your valuable items.

- 100% Polyester
- Imported
- TSA- compliant laptop portage meets urban sophistication
- Send your bag through security without removing devices
- External access zipper pocket on the side offers quick access to your powerbrick or cords
- Synthetic
- Durable ballistic nylon exterior
- Crater laptop sleeve: superior foam protection with twice the ventilation
- Rear zipper access to your laptop, iPad and main compartment
- New memory-adjust True Fit cam buckle eliminates daily fit adjustments

Timbuk2 Command vs D Lux
The D Lux wins out on its shoulder strap, which has a memory-adjust buckle (called a True Fit) which makes it incredibly easy to adjust, whereas the Command simply has a standard crossover strap. However, the Command does have aluminium locking sections to the strap designed to be tough and durable, whilst ensuring a secure close. On the other hand, the D Lux’s straps are stitched on at the bag point, meaning they are more liable to be torn off over repeated usage. Both are available currently for around the same price of around $100 depending on what colour you buy. With this in mind, even though they are both very similar in price, it seems that the D Lux just tips out the Command in terms of benefits and features, so is probably the better purchase, although both are very good messenger bags.