Timbuk2 Command vs Commute 2.0

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Laptops have replaced computers for most of the population now. Why is that the case? Well, because they’re simply more convenient, efficient, portable and compact. Although laptops are more compact than all of our ordinary computers, they are also more expensive which makes them all the more precious as this means they have many more features to offer. This is why it’s very wise to invest in a good laptop bag. This way you can keep your precious laptop protected at all times. Here are the two best laptop protection available in market; the Timbuk2 command vs Commute 2.0.

Timbuk2 Command vs Commute 2.0

The Timbuk2 Command offers a life time warranty, as if that’s not enough reason for you to buy it. Along with the lifetime Warranty it carries easy side straps with it and hard-snap metal buckles too. But it’s definitely the most durable bag out there with soft pads inside which makes it impossible for your laptop to get damaged even after a bad fall. The Command has various pockets for you to keep your accessories organized and you can easily keep it all in one place. ( Read also: Timbuk2 Command vs D Lux)

While the Timbuk2 Command carries its own legacy we can’t deny the unwatchable features of the commute. It is waterproof which means even if there’s a storm or raining cats and dogs, your data inside the laptop is safe with you.

The Command is a bit on the heavy side while the commute is lighter. One thing we all are short of is time and the commute certainly helps you save time. The commute 2.0 also has detachable straps. An extra added feature! This means you won’t have to take your stuff out to go through the security check at the airport.

- 100% Polyester
- Imported
- TSA- compliant laptop portage meets urban sophistication
- Send your bag through security without removing devices
- External access zipper pocket on the side offers quick access to your powerbrick or cords
- TPU lined, weatherproof flap and bag construction
- Nylon outside, water resistant inside
- TSA compliant external laptop compartment unzips and lies flat for going through security without removing your laptop
- Plush corduroy-lined computer compartment
- Luggage pass through for your wheelie companion
Waterproof TPU front flap
Waterproof Hypalon rubberized bottom

Timbuk2 Command vs Commute 2.0
So which one wins in the war between the Timbuk2 Command vs Commute 2.0. Well Everyone’s looking for a way to make things easier for themselves in this time of complexity and both these bags certainly do the job, but the waterproof feature of the commute outshines the other laptop protections. The rest is for you to decide.