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One of the most hotly debated topic when it comes to choosing the right undergarments is whether you should wear thongs or panties. Panties have always been the most common form of underwear, and, well, generally more acceptable by people. On the other hand, thongs are perhaps more of a newer model of underwear.

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Needless to say, thong sand panties have each own advantages and disadvantages. Some people feel more comfortable wearing thongs, while some others feel more comfortable in panties. If you are still not sure whether you should use things or panties, read the comparisons of the two below!


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Thong, generally worn as underwear or swimsuit, is a minimalized version of underwear. It is typically designed to have a piece of fabric that covers the genital area, and has a thin piece that goes between the buttocks to the back and attaches to the waistband.


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Panties, on the other hand, typically is a triangular piece with an elastic waistband and a pair of leg openings. There are various materials that can be used, usually breathable. Panties are often form-fitting, but they can also be loose.

Thong vs Panties

- Has a thin piece of fabric that goes between the buttock to attach to the waistband at the back- A triangular piece that covers both the front and the back, has a pair of leg openings
- Very minimal in coverage- Provides more coverage
- Doesn’t create too much of visible panty lines- May create panty lines, especially if you wear a pair of tight outer pants
- Provides more air- Provides less air

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In general, it is always a great idea to equip your wardrobe with both panties and thongs. Thongs are usually preferable when you wear tight pants or jeans to avoid the forming of panty lines. However, for skirts or loose pants or jeans, panties are great for the extra coverage.