Thin Hair vs Balding

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Baldness is the bane of many men and women all around the world. So big the impact is, that a lot of people in even their early thirties already start to check their hair frequently every morning – and even become a little bit paranoid over a few strands of hair falling. This kind of reaction is understandable, considering that hair loss indeed destroys confidence and self-esteem.

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However, the thinning of hair may happen at some points in our lives, and this does not necessarily lead to total baldness. So, what are the differences between the subtle thinning of hair and balding? It can be very difficult to tell.

Thin Hair

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Thinning hair can be one of the early hints of balding, yet, it is also a normal part of aging and may also be the result of a wide variety of other causes. Aging also causes the hair to become finer. You may notice thin hair when you are looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a widening parting or receding hairline. However, while balding can be trickier to handle, subtle thin hair can be treated by addressing the causes. Thin hair can be caused by a stressful event, which disturbs the normal hair cycle, bad lifestyle such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol, hormone changes, as well as some medications like anabolic steroids and warfarin.


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Contrary to thin hair, balding usually features constant hair loss for months, without sufficient hair growing back. Most balding cases are inherited from one of the parents or even both. However, it can also be caused by an abnormal reaction of the immune system (alopecia areata), which requires special treatments. Balding is often treated with medications such as Rogaine, Propecia, and DHT blockers.

Thin Hair vs Balding

Thin HairBalding
- Caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking, or medication- Caused by heredity or abnormal reaction of the immune system
- Temporary, as long as the cause is present- Permanent, especially if left untreated
- The hair loss is relatively less intense- The hair loss is constant for months
- Can be taken care by erasing the cause, such as reducing the stress level and improving the lifestyle.- Can be taken care with medications like Rogaine, Propecia, or DHT blockers

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So, thin hair can be caused by stress or bad lifestyle, often temporary, and can be treated by erasing the cause. On the other hand, balding is caused by heredity or abnormal reaction of the immune system, and requires medication.