Temptu vs Dinair

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Airbrush makeup is a cosmetic technique with a spout through the airbrush pen cosmetic ink driven by air through the compressor, giving rise to “fog” on the part of the face that you want. Advantages of this technique is more hygienic because the hand and cosmetic tool does not touch the skin of the face, and work faster. The result is ever more prevalent, more slick, more refined, especially in making gradations of color. Many producers who have issued products airbrush foundation, one of which is the Temptu and Dinair. But, who holds the title as the best airbrush foundation? Here you can find the answer: Temptu vs. Dinair.

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Temptu will provide the users with professional quality makeup and flawless results with this easy to use product. You may get started with it because, it is quite simple since you have every item in the package that you need for airbrushing like a pro. The brand compressor comes with a small size and with no leaks that can save yo from a terrible mess during storage. It has AIRpod for giving yo plenty of reasons to enjoy airbrushing. It also made by the finest quality formula for the high expectations and results. This is sillicone based, the application is easy, and the result will be very smooth and undeniably flawless. What you get on the one set of Temptu are S-One Air compressor, 1/4 ounce bottles of 12 S/B foundations, 1 ounce primer, 7 S/B highlighters and blushes, 1 ounce moisturizer, 4 ounce airbrush cleaner, SP-35 airbrush, airbrush cleaning kit, 1 concealer wheel and an instructional DVD.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup is water-based, silicone-free and paraben-free. It doesn’t require a lot of material to cover the desired face layers. The result is perfect, light, natural and not made an impression during a full day without having to coat. For best results we recommend that the surface of the face must be clean, free from oil and moisturizer. It doesn’t take long to master the Dinair Airbrush Makeup system. May initially be takes 10 minutes for the foundation. In one packaging of Dinai Airbrush Makeup, you will get The Flawless Complexion Kit includes a TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 plus your perfectly flawless AIRpod Foundation shade, pro results in less time, and AIRpod Makeup is dermatologist recommended, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. Read also Luminess vs Dinair, to get more knowledge.

- Silicone-based formula.
- Long lasting for all-day wear.
- Oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.
- Customizable color.
- Flawless, ultra natural look. Sheer to light coverage. Matte finish.
- Lasts up to 18 hours. For all Skin Types.
- Sets on Contact without Powder. Rub and Water Resistant! Non Transferable.
- Water Based. Contains no oil, silicone or parabens. Made in USA

Actually, a single 12ml Temptu foundation is almost three times more expensive than the same amount of makeup of Dinair foundation. If you have enough budget, go for Temptu, while you can get Dinai if you want a budget-friendly airbrush product, but still with the professional finish for your face.