Tanda Zap vs Zeno

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Who are among you having a trouble with acnes? Man or Woman are feeling annoying with this kind of face problem because, acnes will probably decrease your confidence in your daily activities. Acnes also makes you feel uncomfort with your own face, your face will be itch and pain if acnes are growing around it. Finding medicines or going to see a doctor are both solutions to solve acne problem, but do you know that there is an electronic device which can heal your acnes then you can say bye-bye to them. The new acne-fighting gadget that are usually compared one to each other are Tanda Zap and Zeno. How are they working? Watchout for Tanda Zap vs Zeno!

Tanda Zap vs Zeno

Tanda Zap
The Tanda Zap device is an acne treatment product that uses blue light technology to treat both individual pimples and large breakouts by targeting the bacterial source of acne. The system combines bacteria-killing blue light with sonic vibration and low-level heat to get rid of acne. The promise of Tanda Zap is making your blemishes clear and fade in 24 hours. How to use Tanda Zap by placing the tip over your blemish and hold it there for two minutes and repeating it for 2 until 3 times a day. The benefits of this device is on its single-benefit systems. You will not get the concept of vibrations which is very comfort to use and it is also consuming a lot of battery power too much.

Zeno is a handheld device designed to treat acne and the latest acne treatment technology. Zeno works using ClearPoint Technology that uses heat to treat P. Acnes. Zeno comes with 3 different devices which are Zeno Hot Spot, Zeno Mini, and Zeno Pro. All have similar except in its lifespan. The promise of Zeno is killing almost 100% of acne-causing bacteria in only one hour and the acne fades or disappears after two or three such treatments spread over 12 to 24 hours. Zeno in usability has 2 main steps treatment, first apply the acne medication and unfortunately dozens of people review the steps of having their gadget quit on them mid-treatment, never to recover and the texture to be quite slippery and silicone-y.

- Tanda zap is a pocket sized beauty tool that clears individual acne blemishes fast
- Clinically proven
- Can be used for the following skin conditions like acne, oily skin, devices and face
- 100% natural, FDA approved, dermatologist recommended
- Tough on blemishes, but gentle on skin
- 90% of blemishes treated with ZENO disappeared or faded within 24 hours.

So far, the review is showing that Tanda Zap would prefer chosen by people. But, although with some good qualities inside Tanda Zap, it consumes too much battery that make you prepare another battery just to change it when it comes low battery or died.