Sunday Riley Good Genes vs Drunk Elephant

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The choice between sunday riley good genes vs drunk elephant is a difficult one. Both product lines offer effective skin care treatments and makeup. Read ahead to help you decide which one is the winner.


Are organic ingredients important to you? Drunk elephant celebrates its non-toxic formula. It prides itself on taking extracts from the exotic marula fruit. In the competition for organic, natural remedies, Drunk Elephant products win over Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. The focus on the latter is more on the ecstasy created by its product. Although it does highlight the inclusion of lemongrass, the organic message is less genuine.

Do you have sensitive skin? Perhaps Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is not for you. They promote themselves as selling very active products and intentionally warn customers over aggravating the skin. However, for those who have less sensitive skin, these products can be magical. It works in many ways with just one application, affects smoothness, colour and thickness. Drunk Elephant, however, is less diverse. Their products could be said to be less immediate, even less effective.

Want to look younger? This is one of the key focuses of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. For all their products, descriptions are catered towards those wishing for younger looking skin. If this is important to you – great! Sunday Riley’s Good Genes products can really enhance your skin to look smoother and more youthful. However, Drunk Elephant has this as less of a focus. Instead, their products highlight healthy living and natural glow. They are more about the slow effectiveness, rather than the immediate youthful look.

- Can be used daily or as a mask.
- Modern skincare
- 12% glycolic serum for night that refines and resurfaces skin
- Gently dissolving the glue that holds dead skin cells to the surface and increasing collagen production

Sunday Riley Good Genes vs Drunk Elephant
In the battle between Sunday Riley Good Genes vs Drunk Elephant, which is better? This depends on your personal preference, and skin type. Sundays Riley’s Good Genes is more clinical and less practical for sensitive skin. In general, Drunk Elephant is probably a better choice – accessible for everyone and more natural.