Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish

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Sperry models have always been so catchy and nice. A lot of girls and women love Sperry shoes and loafers. Made from a superior leather material, they are also reasonably rugged and durable, making them great investments for the long run.

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 1

Two Sperry models that have been quite confusing for some of us are Sperry Angelfish and Sperry Bluefish. The two are both very popular on the market. So, how do they compare to each other? Which one is best for you? Let’s see!

Sperry Angelfish

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish a

Sperry Angelfish is designed to be more of a pair of slip-on loafers. As the effect, it is relatively quite minimalistic in terms of coverage. The leg opening is large enough to allow your foot to slip in easily without needing much assistance from your hands, and the top front part only covers half of the foot. Constructed of leather and with a rubber sole, Sperry Angelfish is available in two colors, linen/oat and black.

Sperry Bluefish

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish b

Sperry Bluefish, on the other hand, is designed as a pair of boat shoes. Actually, wearing it is also quite easy, but it indeed provides more coverage especially on the top front part. The tongue is padded. The collar is also slightly higher, hence covering the feet more properly. Sperry Bluefish also features a leather construction with a rubber sole, and is available in linen/oat, tan, and brown deerskin.

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish

Sperry AngelfishSperry Bluefish
- More of a pair of slip-on loafers- More of a pair of boat shoes
- Has less coverage- Provides more coverage
- Available in linen/oat and black- Available in linen/oat, tan, and brown deerskin

See the differences between Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish on pictures :

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 2

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 6

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 5

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 4

Sperry Angelfish vs Bluefish 3

Due to their different designs, they excel on different occasions. Sperry Angelfish is awesome for appearing simple but elegant, paired with a skirt or gown. On the other hand, Sperry Bluefish is great to appear active and fun, suitable for jeans and trousers.