Skinmedica vs Rodan and Fields

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When it comes to controlling the effects of aging or skin defects, many customers hold varied views and preferences for which brand guarantees real and effective results. However, certain product features are bound to outweigh others. This review is going to consider skinmedica vs rodman and fields, and look at what features make one product more preferable to other.


To begin, Skinmedica is believed to have been carefully developed over a period of 2 decades and brought by Allergan, the makers of Botox. The makers of Rodan and Fields are not as popular. So if you are the type who is attracted to reputation, well you know what to choose.Therere a wide variety of products to choose from both brands. Similarly working in blemish control, anti-aging or sensitive skin among others.

However, majority of users are more concerned on what the product can do. Why would anyone bother over the name if it does not perform? We must remember that skin care products, as stated earlier, vary on effectiveness depending on the customer. Some customers have reported very impressive results for the anti-aging abilities of Rodman and Fields. Likewise, users of Skinmedica have reported tremendous improvement in their skin, whilst using the product for anti-aging purposes. However, Skinmedica users have revealed witnessing quicker results than Fields and Rodan.

Rodan and Fields have also been mentioned to have a wide array of their products available to consumers at retailers. Customers have commended Rodan and Fields on the easy access to any product of their choice. Skinmedica on the other hand, has been reported to have a number of issues of product availability. Especially from their website. Customers have complained to having to result to other sales outlets to get some Skinmedica products.

- Reduced appearance of wrinkles
- Enhanced skin texture and tone
- Initial results occurred in 30 days with optimal results occurring in 90 days
- Steady diet of intelligent skin care
- 4 full size products
- Clinically proven results

Skinmedica vs Rodan and Fields
For the verdict, both products seem to outweigh each other at specific and general areas. However, speed and efficiency is always going to be a great decider on such issues. So for skinmedica vs rodan and fields, skinmedica is a more suitable choice for quick and effective results.