Shany Makeup Brushes Review: Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural

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Do you know a Makeup Brush Set and the Function of each on them? Makeup brush Set or the Brushes Pallete Makeup contained in various brands on the market. Each set consists of a number of different, there is a set of 5, 8, 10 20, 24, 32, of up to 46 different types of brush in it. Sometimes there is little difference in size to each other. However, each type that exists there in have each function on each deployment make up that will be used. Each brush was deliberately designed a special shape and size, to make it easy for users to apply make up makeup in accordance with their needs and also adapted material or any kind of cosmetics to be used. Outside there are also very many different brands of makeup tools that produce either a brush starting from the least expensive to expensive. This time, we will discuss brand makeup brush from Shany Siganture Brush with Pro contains 24 fruit brushes. Full review and specification will be poured directly into the sentences below.

Shany Makeup Brushes Review

Made with a premium blend of Premium Sable, Goat badger hair, Pony hair and microfiber bristles, these brushes are soft, resilient and long-lasting. During our unique design process, we tested and selected over 220 brushes. Only 24 of those brushes made our final cut and became the Signature Collection. The Signature Collection is specially designed for the professional makeup artist or makeup enthusiast who wants their most essential brushes in one beautiful, convenient set. With oak and rosewood handles and a sleek, black finish, these brushes are the ultimate in sophistication. Each set includes a faux leatherette for keeping your brushes in great condition at home and during travel. With hypoallergenic, antibacterial-treated bristles, these brushes will also help you avoid breakouts. Create flawless makeup looks with the one and only Signature Collection from SHANY. Read the instruction inside follow the steps to get a Free Mini Brush Cleanser from SHANY.

Shany Pro Signature Brush Set is one of favorite handmade brush set with 24 different function brushes. All brushes are designed from oak handrails which result in anti-bacterial treated fur with hair material Sable, goats, dolphins, horses, and synthetic laser cutting Microfiber. This 24 brushes stored in rollup can be used on faux or box to keep your brush in great condition at home and during the trip or any related activities. And also, it offers healthy facial skin. This set of conveniences creates the perfect makeup look and is easy to carry everywhere you go with it. The best result of Polish strength is to rinse with natural makeup Shany brush cleanser before first using that irritation free.

- Hair materials : Sable, Goat, Badger, Pony , Synthetic Laser Cut Microfiber - All Handmade - Oak wood handle, Anti-Bacterial treated bristles - Collection of 24 most essential brushes

Shany Pro Signature Brush Set is worth it for all the brushes inside. It is also a great option for someone who is a little past a beginner though anyone who loves makeup eternally would enjoy these brushes. The best part is for makeup beginners, the set comes with an instruction pamphlet that shows each brush, what it is used for, and what type of makeup it’s best used with. The brushes are numbered and labeled as well for easy use. You really couldn’t go wrong for that price. These are made with synthetic, but is not 100% sure as they do have an animal hair feel to them but overall the brush hairs are really soft.

Specifications of Shany Makeup Brushes
Leather and roll pouch
· Storage Box
· Blend of both natural and synthetic hair
· Fan Brush
· Medium and Mineral Powder Brush
· Mineral Powder Brush
· Mineral Bronze Buffer Brush
· Slnted Finishing Brush
· Eyeshadow Buffer and Fluffy Brush
· Contour Angle Brush
· Blending Brush
· Slanted Finish Brush
· Concealer Brush
· Cream Eyeshadow Brush
· Lanted Eyeliner and Eyeliner Brush
· Brow Brush

Pros of Shany Makeup Brushes
· Affordable Price
· Complete kinds of Makeup brushes to all around your face
· Great quality on each materials and results
· Still durable for a long term using
· Very soft and dry pretty fast

Price for Shany Makeup Brushes
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