Scottevest vs Baubax

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When it comes to different varieties of jackets there is no question about the first names coming up in the mind are Baubax and Scottevest. But nothing can be perfect and there is always room for pros and cons. Therefore in this short article I will put some light on scottevest vs baubax and in the end you will be able to decide which a better choice is for you.

Scottevest vs Baubax

I was thinking hard about how I would be able to compare these two competitors. Then I decided to order a similar looking jacket from both of the companies. The very first thing that caught my eyes was Scottevest website theme and products representation. I could able to take my cursor on a certain product and it used some x-ray like technology to depict what and how much accessories that particular jacket could possibly be contained. It really fascinated me since I carry so much of the accessories with me and I needed a spacious and multi pockets apparel for me.

It was not a rocket science that I had to apply to get a clearer vision about these companies. I placed the order same day and I received the Scottevest order earlier. Moreover; I saved few bucks when ordering from the Scottevest. I enquired about this from the Baubax staff and they replied that they had the better quality of the material. I am not a material scientist but still I did not find any difference between the materials.

- The Cotton/Poly/Spandex blend Chloe Glow is machine washable
- Please reference the sizing chart in the last image to the left to ensure you select the correct size
- COMFORTABLE CLOTHING – rib knit cuffs with hidden thumbholes provide added function and comfort
- The world's most travel friendly sweatshirt for all generations
- Includes 15 features including neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, drink pocket, zipper with pen and more
- Baubax travel jackets are the highest crowd-funded fashion item ever

The few and minor differences sometimes make sense to you. These are the few things that I quickly observed and I put the throne of victory to the Scottevest in the battle of scottevest vs baubax. I recommend you all to visit the website and I am sure that you will also feel and get attracted to Scottevest because it takes the liberty of a first impression.