Saxx Underwear Review: The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

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Most men don’t put so much thought when choosing an underwear product. The rule of thumb is that it does not need to be white and it is ideally acquired packs of two. This multi-pack approach is the only method that many guys know, and, well, this method has worked mostly fine so far. However, there comes a time when you finally decide to give your package a luxurious red-carpet experience. You want to get at least an underwear that is truly comfortable and pleasant to wear. Well, you should take a look at the Saxx Underwear. Saxx Underwear is easily one of the most comfortable underwear for men available.

Saxx Underwear Review

Unlike those cheap underwear products, an expensive underwear like the Saxx Underwear can actually last for years. So, you can consider it as a long-term investment. The Saxx Underwear is quite durable. The material quality is excellent; it is made from 95% viscose and 5% spandex. Besides being durable, the Saxx Underwear is also very soft and pleasant to wear. It is very soft and comfortable that you will feel as if wearing nothing at all. Plus, it is quite a very good-looking underwear.

It also comes with the Saxx’s ergonomic comfort pouch, which keeps you package comfortably in place, erasing the risk of a moose knuckle. The parallel mesh side panels are made from soft, breathable nylon and spandex. Very convenient and pleasant to wear. The underwear is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning.

- 95% Viscose, 5% Spandex - Machine Wash - Features Saxx's patented ergonomic comfort pouch - Parallel mesh side panels made from soft breathable nylon

But perhaps the best feat of the Saxx Underwear is that it does not ride up your leg. It is thin and fits perfectly. Other briefs tend to bunch up when you sit down. Other briefs also create a thick feeling enveloping your lower body part. But Saxx Underwear does not. It stays in place, and it is thin enough not to cause the unpleasant thickness. Well, however, if your preference is those traditional low-cut briefs, this can be a moot point. Still, the Saxx Underwear is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Specifications of Saxx Underwear
Materials: 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex
Comes with the Saxx’s proprietary ergonomic comfort pouch
Parallel mesh side panels from soft breathable nylon and spandex mesh
Machine Washable

Pros of Saxx Underwear
– Very soft and comfortable on the skin
– Very comfortable ergonomic pouch that fits well
– Machine washable, allowing easy cleaning
– Durable material

Price of Saxx Underwear
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