Royal Blue vs Cobalt

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Blue is a color that has become the favorite of a lot of people all around the world. The color is immensely popular because it is often associated with calmness and equanimity, depth and stability, as well as intelligence and wisdom. It is universally accepted as the color of the sea and sky; both often become the objects that soothe our mind.

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There is a very wide range of blue, from the lightest, whitish tint, to the darkest, almost black hue. However, cobalt blue and royal blue are perhaps the most popular ones when it comes to clothing. Below, you can find the comparisons between royal blue and cobalt blue.

Royal Blue

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Royal blue is the color that often arises debates. That is due to the fact that royal blue may refer to both the darker and brighter shades of azure blue. Traditionally, it was invented as a deep, dark blue with a faint purple or reddish tinge, crafted by millers in Somerset to win the dress-making competition for the British queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. However, in the 1950s, people began to consider royal blue as a brighter color, and this brighter shade is the one chosen as the web color. Today, royal blue clothing may come as the darker or the lighter variants.

Cobalt Blue

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On the other hand, cobalt blue is a blue pigment created by sintering at 1200-degree Celcius cobalt(II) oxide with alumina. It appears bright and medium, neither too dark not too light. Quite interestingly, it is lighter than the traditional royal blue, but slightly darker than the web color of royal blue. It has, however, distinctive superior brilliance and contrast.

Royal Blue vs Cobalt

Royal BlueCobalt Blue
- The hue ranges from the darker to the lighter shades of azure blue- The color is bright and medium
- It has solid intensity- It has superior brilliance and contrast
- Represents maturity, elegance, composure, equanimity, royalty- Represents composure, equanimity, and somehow a more cheerful impression
- The traditional royal blue has 0 R, 35 G, 102 B RGB values, while the web color has 65 R, 105 G, 225 B RGB values- The RGB values are 0 R, 71 G, 171 B

See the differences between Royal Blue vs Cobalt on pictures :

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So, royal blue is the intense azure blue that can be either darker or lighter, representing more maturity and royalty than cobalt blue. It is the color if you want to appear elegant. On the other hand, cobalt blue has a somehow more cheerful impression, best if you want to appear younger.