Rocky S2V vs Nike SFB

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You should be careful in choosing the right pair of combat boots. There are a number of factors that you should consider. Does the boot need to be as lightweight as possible? How much weight can your feet endure for prolonged wearing? Do you need extra protection? How much protection that you need? What color do you prefer on your boots?

Rocky S2V vs Nike SFB

If you are looking for rugged and durable military combat boots, then there are two models that are very popular on the market for you to consider. They are Rocky S2V and Nike SFB. People love them because they are comfortable to wear and are highly durable. So, how do they compare to each other? Let us see below.

Rocky S2V is an extremely popular and loved tactical military boot. It has been designed for field duty purposes, so it certainly is very rugged and durable. It boasts a construction of 1000-denier PTFE-coated Cordura nylon that is flash-resistant, flame-resistant, and water-resistant, triple-stitched to keep it together through wear and tear. The drainage vents push out water to fast-dry the boot, at the same time providing air circulation to keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

There is also the Aegis microbe shield on the footbed that fights bacteria and odor. The Dri-Lex lining wicks away moisture, and the stretch Lycra tongue hugs your foot for a perfect, secure fit. The sole is a Vibram sole, which features proprietary high walls and a polyurethane midsole for maximum protection against anything on the terrain. This boot is pretty heavy, but very comfortable nonetheless. It fits solidly, and it will survive through a blast.

On the other hand, Nike SFB is a boot that looks modern and neat, and offers comfort. Compared to Rocky S2V, Nike SFB is considerably lighter. It also feels softer to the skin, primarily because its body is made of a breathable canvas and durable synthetic upper. The dynamic lacing system ensures comfort and lockdown. The outsole is given an aggressive traction pattern and an internal rock shield to provide exceptional grip on any surface and puncture protection. However, Nike SFB is certainly neither water-resistant nor flame-resistant. It doesn’t dry as fast as Rocky S2V, and it is also not as durable.

- Leather and Synthetic
- Imported
- Synthetic sole
- Flash and wear resistant leather
- Meets USAF regs
- 8" shank height
- Ultra lightweight design
- Fast break-in time

Rocky S2V vs Nike SFB
Nike SFB is much more lightweight and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for casual wear and work. However, for military use, we recommend you to choose Rocky S2V, which is much more rugged and reliable.