Rocky S2V Review: Decent Performance Boot

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It has been a trend that using a boot with different design will give a better appearance for you. The popular boot usually uses a newly invented design which attracts many people to buy it. In this case, we have Rocky S2V. This boot is using the manly approach for its design. It looks tough and fit perfectly for men. Rocky S2V offers so many features which will make you love this boot better than other. It is water resistant, can stand against fire, and it is made using the super fabric material. So if you are interested in this boots, let’s see the explanation below.

Rocky S2V Review

Rocky S2V is made in the USA which has many masculine users which love the more masculine and tough look on its boot. This is why Rocky S2V is made for this purpose. It is made to fulfill the need of more masculine boots. Not only the design but the features of Rocky S2V are also pretty decent. Start from its ability to stand against water(water resistant) and fire. Then Rocky S2V is also rigor to sea and land warfare. It’s sole is proprietary high-walled Vibram soles with the perforated airport cushion footbeds and PU midsoles. After that, it can prevent the bacteria and fungus to growth. Fungus and bacteria usually appear when you are rarely taking care of your boots, but with Rocky S2V you need less effort because of its ability to prevent the bacteria and fungus which is the caused of rot and foot discomfort. The material itself is pretty much delicate as it uses the super fabric which prevents early boot failure. Other features are also added like the drainage and the breathability which enable you to drain this boot very fast as its drainage is pretty well-made.

Originally, Rocky S2V is built for the military professionals, which is why this boot is looking very alike to those of military boots, but then Rocky S2V become more versatile in its function as many people start buying it and then using it for the quick maneuvers and fast-paced action. You don’t need to be a military person as you can use this for hiking or getting into the forest. The material itself is pretty much decent for you who loves a tough material, but for you who loves the softer material, then Rocky S2V won’t be suitable for you. Other features are right on top in its performance, like the drainage or the soles which allow us to move at full speed. The design is quite weak, though; you will see a pretty straightforward design which is not attractive in our eyes.

So Rocky S2V is a pretty fantastic boot which enables you to move at top speed and put your best with this boot. It is very comfortable and can be used in many places. But the downside is the design is too simple, but in overall you can’t deny that this boot is one of the best out there.

Specifications of Rocky S2V
Made in the US
Leather and textile
Synthetic sole
Shaft measures 8.5″ from arch
Uniform compliant (AR670-1), with roll-stop ankle stability to reduce injuries
Advanced S2V Sieve technology to circulate air in, water out
Proprietary high-walled Vibram soles, stitched to the upper
Flash & water-resistant leather upper
PTFE-coated for flame-resistance, Wicking Dri-Lex Lining, Aegis Microe Shield
Lycra tongue, fiberglass shank, Rocky Air-Port cushion footbed

Pros of Rocky S2V
– Superior comfortable cushioning, thick sole
– Highly rugged and durable, resistance to flash, water, and flame
– Breathable upper for comfort

- Leather and Textile - Made in US - Synthetic sole - Shaft measures approximately 8.5" from arch - Uniform compliant (ar670-1), reduce injuries with roll-stop ankle stability

Price of Rocky S2V
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