Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye

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Do you want to dye your hair? Sometimes, we may get bored with the natural color of our hair. We may want a new look to refresh. Sometimes, a little bit of change in our appearance can also help our presence to be more noticeable.

Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye 2

Now if you have made your mind to dye your hair, there are various hair dye products that you can get from the market. However, a lot of people will agree that Revlon and Loreal are among the best brands that you can trust. So, should you get Revlon or Loreal Hair Dye?

Revlon Hair Dye

Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye a

Revlon is a popular brand in the industry of cosmetics and beauty products. Just like their other products, Revlon’s hair dyes are always considered as of superior quality. Their hair dye line, Revlon Color Silk, offers a variety of shades, from black, brown, auburn, to blond. Notably, the dye is ammonia-free, making it gentle on most people’s hair.

Loreal Hair Dye

Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye b

Loreal is also a seriously big name in the market of beauty products. The brand is not only famous for hair dyes, but also conditioners and shampoos. Loreal has produced several types of hair dyes, all of which are free of harsh chemicals. For example, there are Loreal Chunking that specializes in highlights and Loreal Color Pulse for a semi-permanent dye. Loreal hair dyes are very gentle to your hair. There is a wide range of color choices, from the dark ones like black and brown to the bright and bold ones such as purple, red, and gold. Loreal hair dyes are great especially for dark hair and if you want to go for the highlights.

Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye

Revlon Hair DyeLoreal Hair Dye
- Comes from the Revlon Color Silk line- There are multiple specialized lines, most notably Loreal Chunking and Loreal Color Pulse
- Ammonia-free- Free of harsh chemicals
- There are several shades available, from black, brown, auburn, to blond- An abundance of color choices
- Great if you prefer the more natural colors- Especially great for the highlights and if you have dark hair

See the differences between Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye on pictures :

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Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye 5

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Revlon vs Loreal Hair Dye 3

So, in terms of the availability of options, Loreal indeed offers a wider range of choices. Loreal is the way if you want to color your hair with highlights. On the other hand, Revlon offers more natural hair color choices.