Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools

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The pandemic situation has shown us that we often take salons and beauty services for granted. Luckily, it is now very much possible to achieve a beautiful salon-coiffed look at home. Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools are popular hair dryer brushes that must be considered by any woman who values efficiency and practicality. These brushes will blow-dry your hair within minutes and give that volume and swinginess that you crave.

Below, we will discuss how Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools compare based on various aspects:

  • The design and features of Revlon One Step and Hot Tools
  • The comparison of their operation and ease of use
  • How good Revlon One Step and Hot Tools perform
  • Which one between Revlon One Step and Hot Tools that provides more heat
  • The potential weaknesses or considerations on Revlon One Step and Hot Tools
  • Whether you should pick Revlon One Step or Hot Tools

Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools: Design

Revlon One Step is an extremely popular product, boasting thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and many other online shops. As suggested by the name, Revlon One Step promises quick and easy drying that will give your hair a salon-quality look within one step. It claims to deliver smooth blowouts within half the time compared to using a hair blower or going to the salon. Read also: Cetaphil Moisturizer vs CeraVe.

For women who don’t have much time to prepare in the morning, this sounds like a very good promise. But what makes Revlon One Step different?

According to the company, it is because of the smart design of the brush head, whose oval shape incorporates two different types of brushes that work together at the same time. The longer and flatter brushes work to straighten your hair, whereas the rounded ones effectively lift your hair from the roots to create volume. Talking about multi-tasking here!

Hot Tools, in a glance, looks somewhat similar to Revlon One Step. But it is noticeably a bit bigger. Also, Hot Tools has a distinctive feature. The barrel is detachable and interchangeable. You can switch between a larger barrel, which is awesome for quick once-over touches to smooth-out your hair and add some gentle volume, and a smaller barrel that is suitable for short hair and for creating more pronounced curves.

Both the larger and the smaller barrels feature two different kinds of bristles. They have short, soft bristles and long, sturdy bristles. The bristle combination is designed to carefully control your hair and avoid knots. The unique black coating on the barrel also prevents friction and ensures even heat distribution.

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Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools: Ease of Use

When tested, Revlon One Step is indeed very simple and easy to use. The operation is intuitive, without any learning curve if you have some experience with round hair brushes previously.

The elliptical design works really well, Revlon One Step moves and swaths the hair smoothly with almost no tugging. The bristles are able to detangle the hair effectively. There is no knot whatsoever. Also, there is a part on the top end of the brush that stays cool during use. It is a perfect place to put your other hand when you need to navigate the brush more precisely and maintain tension on the hair.

Hot Tools is also surprisingly very easy and pleasant to use. Despite the dense bristles, they do not get tangled or knotted in the hair. The short and long bristles are effective for preventing knots, and the barrel shape makes it easy to create curves.

The interchangeable barrels are a very smart move by Hot Tools. It gives you more flexibility. Depending on your preferred style, you will probably use the larger barrel most often, which is really nice for creating volume with a slight curve. But you can also use the smaller barrel if you prefer a wavy, twirly look.

Similarly, Hot Tools have a tip that stays cool during use. So, it is also ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools: Results

Revlon One Step generally delivers good results. One impressive thing about this brush is that it heats up extremely quickly. Right after you switch it on and turn it to the High temperature setting, it will be immediately hot. A good thing for women who don’t like waiting.

However, this also means that you need to be careful with the heat. If you have short hair, you need to avoid using the brush for too long, else you may burn your hair. Nevertheless, Revlon One Step has even heat across the brush barrel, and is able to dry the hair very quickly.

Hot Tools also delivers very good and fast results. In fact, it is slightly better than Revlon One Step, though this may also depend on your preferred style. The thing is, Hot Tools also heats up quickly, but it can even provide more heat in the High temperature setting. As a result, Hot Tools is able to dry the hair and smooth them more quickly.

That said, Hot Tools also has the same potential issue with short hair. It can be very hot, so there is some risk that it will burn the hair if used incorrectly. Fortunately, using the smaller barrel helps in reducing this risk.

Revlon One Step is particularly great for people who have straight hair and don’t want to add too much curve. However, if you want to have more volume in your hair, Hot Tools will give you better results.

Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools: Considerations

As mentioned above, both Revlon One Step and Hot Tools can be very hot. It is risky for short hair, as the heat can quickly burn and damage the hair. If you have short hair, you should use the Low temperature setting. Hot Tools is slightly better in this case because of the smaller barrel.

Both Revlon One Step and Hot Tools are also quite noisy when working. They are rather loud.

Professional hair stylists recommend drying your hair with a towel before using Revlon One Step or Hot Tools. It is also recommended to detangle the hair first using a wide-toothed comb or a gentle hair brush. This way, you can significantly reduce the time needed for your hair dryer brush to work, effectively reducing the risk of damaging your hair from the heat and also reducing the time you need to deal with the noise.

Revlon One Step vs Hot Tools

- Style, Dry & Volumize Your Hair in One Step, Max Drying Power with 30% Less Frizz and helps reduce hair damage
- Unique Non-Detachable Oval Brush Design for Smoothing the Hair, while the round edges create volume. Designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling, improved volume, and control
- 3 Heat/Speed Settings with Cool option for styling flexibility
- Safety First: The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer meets U.S. safety requirements and features the ETL Certification, unit is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. DO NOT use a voltage converter or adapter as it will damage the unit
- Salon Blowout in half the time. Faster drying and salon results
- Charcoal-Infused Bristles are perfect for refreshing 2nd day hair
- 24K Gold styling surface for even heat distribution and consistent results for all hair types
- 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings for styling versatility


Both are excellent hair dryer brushes. Hot Tools is generally more recommended because of the interchangeable barrel design, which makes it more versatile. It can also deliver better results if you want to add volume or curve to your hair. However, Revlon One Step is great if you have straight hair and you don’t want a very dramatic curve.