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Hair is a very important part of your body that can improve your appearance along with confidence. There are lots of hair care products and styling tools to use such as Revlon One Step Vs Drybar which are very helpful to both dry and style your hair. These tools are using heating elements to deliver their result and from the application they are also very easy to use with some differences. If you wonder which variant to choose, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Prevent Damage from Heat Styling Tools
  • What are Revlon One Step and Drybar
  • How are the Design of Revlon One Step and Drybar
  • How to Use Revlon One Step and Drybar
  • How are the Performance of Revlon One Step and Drybar
  • How are the Experience with Revlon One Step and Drybar
  • Revlon One Step Vs Drybar

Heat Styling Tools

Not only our skin needs to look healthy but the hair as well. It may be subjective but the hair style and look can affect our appearance and it can both harm and support your confidence as well. In general healthy hair makes you look more attractive and this is why most people choose to take care of their hair even with just routine maintenance like shampooing and conditioning. Of course different hair types may also require different treatment as well. 

In addition to the hair care products, we also often use styling tools in order to improve the look. Styling tools are very convenient because they can shape your hair according to your taste and depending on the result, we can just do it in minutes. What’s not so good about using them as often is because of the heat or stress they apply to the hair. Overstyling your hair with heat tools will cause hair damage and make the hair harder to manage.

When we apply styling tools that utilize heat such as a flat iron, the keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds will strip along with the natural oils and protein as it breaks down the bonds. This process is necessary to let you have the end result whether it is a different shape or texture. The overuse of heat styling tools causes a side effect called bubble hair because the hair has voids filled with air over the length of each strand. This issue causes irregular texture and delicate strands that are easy to break.

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In order to avoid the common issues from overusing heat styling tools, you may need to wait for the hair to dry properly first. Bubbly hair for example is a result from using flat iron while the hair is still damp. We can try speeding up the process by using a hair dryer at the lowest setting and then apply the iron after. We can also adjust the temperature of any styling tools that use heat function to change the hair shape.

We have to choose based on the thickness and texture of the hair. For example, if you have very thick or curly hair then we may need a higher heat setting to achieve the look while if your hair is thin or fine, we need to stick to the lower setting. In general it is better to go with your natural hair texture when it comes to styling so we are not completely altering the shape. Start at lower heat and increase only when needed.

About Revlon One Step and Drybar

What’s not less important is the quality of your styling tools because there are so many of them out there and while we don’t have to spend a fortune on getting the best of the best tools, it is wise to consider the overall quality of your styling equipment. Technology has made styling tools to be less damaging and when you are choosing one, make sure they have adjustable temperature. We can shop based on the hair need as well as the look that you want.

There are more than plenty to choose from when you are shopping for a hair styling tool so it is wise to consider what they can offer. Revlon and Drybar are some of the most popular dryer and styling tools that many of us are very familiar with already. Both are quite different when it comes to product pricing because Drybar is quite a high-end brand so you will find their products to be more expensive too. For those who want to style conveniently, their hot air brush can be a perfect solution.

This type of styling tool is very convenient when you don’t have much time to dry and style at the same time so one tool will do both quickly. Revlon One Step and Drybar, especially the Double Shot are some hot products that seem to be loved by so many people lately. In comparison, the One Step was actually released earlier than Double Shot but it is much cheaper and it is very interesting to see how they compare to each other.

Both Revlon One Step and Drybar are coming with similar features and as you can expect, they are also emitting heat from the tool to help the hair dry faster. The brush is what is going to style the hair and just like most styling tools, you can find various temperature selections here too. The two are used like when you are working with a round brush so most people will be familiar with the application in no time. Read also: Foreo UFO Vs Bear here.

Revlon One Step and Drybar Design

Before getting into what Revlon One Step and Drybar can offer, first let’s see the unit. They are almost the same and side by side, their color is what sets the two apart aside from the dimension. The two may look like a rolling brush from afar but they are not completely round with an area that is a little bit flat in the middle. What’s quite different is that this flat area is noticeably wider on the One Step by Revlon as it is narrower on Drybar.

On the height alone Drybar seems to be just slightly taller but this is mostly because it has a bigger and longer handle while for the brush part itself they are about the same. The two are made mostly of plastic with some metals and both are also working with wall power. You can find the temperature selection of Drybar brush near the bottom of its handle, the same with One Step. This is not a switch or button but you will need to rotate to activate it.

Revlon One Step and Drybar Application

The Revlon One Step and Drybar are very similar to each other in terms of how they are used. When it comes to heat styling tools, never forget to use some heat protectant first to cover the hair and reduce the possible damage. It is also best to work on a batch so we can use a hair clipper and separate the hair into a few sections first. Choose the heat level that you want and comb the hair from foot to edge slowly to shape it however you prefer.

Revlon One Step and Drybar Performance 

Now for the performance part, these styling tools are kind of similar but not exactly the same as well. You can see the two have both fine and thicker bristles to comb the hair but at the highest setting we don’t think Drybar is getting as hot as the Revlon One Step. The results are not the same too and personally with shorter hair or someone with a hair length just over their shoulder a little bit, we like how it turns out with Revlon.

In comparison we do think the One Step is adding both volume and straightening the edges much better. The edge of the hair is often the driest and difficult to tame but Revlon did a great job at curling it inward. The Drybar is adding more volume to the hair as well but probably because the flat part of the brush is not as wide, the volume is not as good as Revlon. We also see the edge of our hair is not properly tamed since it looks frizzy instead.

Revlon One Step and Drybar Experience 

Lastly on the overall experience, we do think both Revlon One Step and Drybar have their own pros and cons. We actually prefer a heating tool that doesn’t get too hot since heat can damage hair but then again it requires more time to style with Drybar since it doesn’t get as hot as Revlon. Another consideration is that it seems some people find their Revlon dryer to stop working after just several uses so we guess there are some issues with the overall product quality that make it less durable.

Revlon One Step Vs Drybar

For the ability to dry and style hair, these dryers are very similar to each other. We can’t say anything about the prolonged use of both tools but we do think it is wise to use them moderately and never skip the heat protectant. Performance wise Revlon can heat up to a higher temperature so it is quick to use and we can adjust the heat as well if you want it to be cooler. We actually like the brittle and brush shape of Revlon better because it adds good volume to our fine and thin hair.

- Style, Dry & Volumize Your Hair in One Step, Max Drying Power with 30% Less Frizz and helps reduce hair damage
- Unique Non-Detachable Oval Brush Design for Smoothing the Hair, while the round edges create volume. Designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling, improved volume, and control
- 3 Heat/Speed Settings with Cool option for styling flexibility
- Safety First: The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer meets U.S. safety requirements and features the ETL Certification, unit is designed for 120 Volt USA outlets only. DO NOT use a voltage converter or adapter as it will damage the unit
- 3 temperature settings (cool/medium/high) allow for customized styling of all hair typesl
- Ionic Technology helps seal the cuticle for less frizz and tons of shine while styling
- Strategically-placed vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout
- Ergonomic, lightweight design provides maximum comfort


The choice is all yours because the two have their own pros and cons. If you like a high-end option that is also higher quality, then Drybar is the one to go but if you just want a useful dryer that can style really well without breaking the bank, we will recommend Revlon One Step.