Remy Hair vs Human Hair

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Using a hair extension is a great solution if you want to wear a long-haired hair style, but have not enough time to grow your own hair yourself. Hair extensions have always been very popular and in high demand. Because of that, there are a lot of hair extension products on the market, from which you can choose freely.

Remy Hair vs Human Hair 1

However, not all hair extensions are the same. In fact, there are several types of hair extensions. Two that may have confused you are remy hair and human hair. Both are made from real human hair, aren’t they? So, why are they different?

Remy Hair

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Remy hair is usually considered as a type of high-quality hair extension. Remy hair is directly collected from a donor’s head, cut while in a ponytail and in the full length of the strands. As the effect, remy hair has the cuticles stay aligned. Remy hair will not tangle, at least not as much or as often as other hair extensions, and will blend perfectly well with your natural hair. However, remy hair may be acquired from multiple donors, with the hair donors mixed together. The hair may also have been previously processed.

Human Hair

Remy Hair vs Human Hair b

On the other hand, human hair, or virgin hair extension, is a type of hair extension acquired from real human hair. Unlike remy hair, human hair makes use of hair donors that have never been altered by any chemical process. The donor is carefully selected, usually from young women, in order to avoid gray hair and split ends. As the effect, human hair becomes to highest quality hair extension, and the most pricey as well.

Remy Hair vs Human Hair

Remy HairHuman Hair
- One of the high-quality types of hair extension- The highest quality hair extension
- Acquired from hair donors that may have undergone a chemical processing- Acquired from original natural hair that has not chemically altered
- Relatively less durable than human hair- The most durable and long-lasting hair extension
- Relatively more affordable- Relatively more expensive

See the differences between Remy Hair vs Human Hair on pictures :

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Remy Hair vs Human Hair 2

All in all, remy hair is actually also taken from real human hair, but the hair may have been chemically processed. It is more affordable than human hair, which is real human hair that hasn’t been chemically altered, but not as durable.