Puremoist vs Replenish

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Cleaning contact lenses are used for cleaning, rinsing, and store contact lenses. Cleaning contact lens is an absolute necessity for the users of contact lenses. This is because the use, structure and materials of the contact lens needs more care than the lens of the glasses. There are many types of cleaning fluid brand even contact lenses. What’s it? Two that we mentioned and we will make review is Puremoist and Replenish of Optin Free.

puremoist vs replenish

The new OPTI-free PureMoist from Alcon is a versatile solution for all soft contact lenses, including the only silicon-hydrogel. Unique compositions help maintain moisture on the lens surface and provide comfort for sensitive eyes for up to 16 hours. This solution flexs cleaning, disinfects, moisturises, rinsing and store soft contact lenses. Replaced the EverMoist solution. Please note, this solution comes without Outside Packaging. For optimum humidity lens, hydration and cleaning, fill the lens case with fresh solution every time the lens is stored. Do not reuse the solution. This will help achieve maximum surface moisture of the lens for all day comfortable lenses worn.

Replenish is a liquid disinfectant, cleaning and maintaining the contact lens we clean and clear. Disinfectants are chemicals used to prevent the occurrence of infection or contamination remains miniscule as bacteria and viruses, as well as to kill or lowering the amount of microorganisms or other disease germs. This product can be used for washing, rinsing, cleaning up the protein and also soak. Can be used for Silicone Hydrogel and also all soft contact lenses. Inside the packaging there is a bottle of 300 ml solution and 1 place softlens. Function that we can feel is this product can retain moisture for increased comfort for more than 13 hours. With dual disinfectan, also able to clean up more deposit on contact lens than the regular product. After wearing this product, you will feel the contact lens you feel moist, clean, and not smarting in eyes.

- The only multi-purpose disinfecting solution with exclusive HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix
- Provides a cushion of moisture for comfort that lasts morning ‘til night
- Contains a proven dual disinfectant system to reduce microorganisms that can cause eye infections
- OPTI-FREE Replenish provides enhanced comfort with top-notch cleaning and disinfecting power
- Exclusive formula gets rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections
- TearGlyde reconditioning system works with your tears to create a shield of comfortable moisture

If you wear this in daily use, a bottle of both solutions lasts more or less a month. Pure Moist should finish a bit quickly because of all the rinsing needed. But, Replenish requires rinsing each side of the lens for five seconds before storage.