Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen

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Persol 714 has become one of the most iconic sunglasses ever. It was made famous by Steve McQueen when he wore it in The Thomas Crown Affair. However, the company has released another model called Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition. So, what is the difference between Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen Limited Edition? Find out below!

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– The distinctive features of the original and the limited edition
– The included case that comes with each model
– The available frame colors on each model
– The available lens colors on each model
– The size and fit of Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

In terms of design, there is one distinctive feature that sets the original version and the limited edition apart, which is the engraving. The original Persol 714 does not have any engraving by default, although you can ask the company to add a custom monogram when ordering it directly from the official website.

PersolSteve McQueen Limited Edition features a premium engraving. If you are a big fan of Steve McQueen, or if you are quite a collector of limited-edition items, you may be interested in this model. Otherwise, there is no real advantage from having the premium engraving on your sunglasses frame. See also: Persol 714 vs 649.

Both the original version and the limited edition have excellent build quality. Their frames are made from hypoallergenic acetate. This material is very gentle on the skin. It will not cause irritation. In addition, the frames are lightweight yet tough and durable.

The end pieces of each frame have the iconic metal “Supreme” arrows. These arrows are only for aesthetic purposes, but they definitely make the sunglasses stand out from the other models. In addition, the temple arms feature what the company calls as the “Meflecto” system. It refers to the nylon pieces that inserted in the temple arms to reduce the pressure and enhance the comfort.

Both Persol 714 and Persol Steve McQueen are folding sunglasses. There is a folding point on the bridge that will allow you to turn the sunglasses into a very compact form. The temple arms are also foldable. However, you should be careful when handling the sunglasses; if the hinge on the bridge is broken, it will be very difficult to fix.

The next difference between Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen Limited Edition is the case. Again, choosing between these two models depends on whether you care about Steve McQueen or not.

The original Persol 714 comes with a standard Persol case. It is colored in black. It does not look special at all. It is just a simple yet functional case. It is not extremely tough, but it is easy to maintain and isn’t prone to moisture. Besides, it is easy to replace. Nevertheless, if you prefer an effective and efficient case over premium options, the original model is for you.

On the other hand, Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition comes with a premium leather case. Indeed, this case looks very classy and elegant. The leather material is also very tough and durable. It can withstand drops, spills, as well as wear and tear. It doesn’t collect dust easily.

However, the leather case requires careful care. Leather is prone to fungi and molds. Once it has been infested by fungi or molds, it is impossible to clean. So, you should keep it dry all the time.

Frame Colors
When choosing between Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen Limited Edition, you should also consider what frame color that you want. As expected, the original model is available with more options. Meanwhile, the limited edition is apparently only available with two options.

The original Persol 714 has four options for the frame color. There are Black, Havana, Madreterra, and Caffe’. If you want a classy look that can suit any fashion style, the black variant is great. You can never go wrong with a black frame.

However, if you want a fun and sporty look, the other three options are for you. Havana is a combination of red and black in a darker tone, whereas Madreterra has a significantly lighter tone. Caffe’ is somewhere in between; it is a bit lighter than Havana but darker than Madreterra.

Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition is only available in two options, which are Black and Madreterra. Nevertheless, these two options can suit people of different tastes. Those who want a classy look can choose the Black variant, while those who want a fun sporty look can choose the Madreterra variant.

Lens Colors
Persol 714 is has more lens options. There are non-polarized and polarized options. If you want non-polarized lenses, there are green and clear gradient brown lenses available. However, these non-polarized lenses will not filter harsh sunlight and glares.

For protection against harsh sunlight and glares, you should choose polarized sunglasses. The polarization can also enhance the contrast and brightness of your vision, so that you can see things more clearly. If you want polarized lenses, there are green polar, blue gradient polar, and brown polar lenses available.

Meanwhile, Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition is only available with blue polarized lenses. It doesn’t come with any other lens. Still, blue polarized lenses are great for various activities and are able to provide excellent contrast and clarity.

Size and Fit
Persol 714 and Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition have a similar fit. Note that they have a large fit. Their lenses are also large. So, if your face is rather small, these sunglasses are probably too large or too loose for you.

The total width of the frame is 140mm. The temple arm length is also 140mm. The bridge is really wide; it is 21mm. As the effect, it won’t fit well if you have a short or small nose.

Each of the lenses measures 52mm wide and 44mm tall. The large lenses provide plenty of shades. They will protect your eyes against glares from any direction. They also provide decent peripheral vision.

Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen

- Plastic
- Acetate frame
- Crystal lens
- 54/21/140
- Polarized

In general, Persol 714 gives a better value for the money. It comes with a simple yet functional case, and is available with more frame and lens options. It can be fitted with non-polarized or polarized lenses.