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When the summer comes, so does the glaring sunlight and it can be very uncomfortable going outside without a shade because they will hurts your eyes, especially if you are sensitive to bright lights. To be more at ease despite having to stay outside for an amount of time, we can wear sunglasses or shades like the stylist Persol 714 Vs 714SM. They are a classic and popular models that will also improve your appearance but, if you are considering the two, see which suit you better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why do you need a Sunglasses
– How to Choose a Sunglasses
– What are Persol 714 and 714SM
– How are the Style of Persol 714 and 714SM
– What Material used to make Persol 714 and 714SM
– What else Persol 714 and 714SM can offer
– Persol 714 Vs 714SM

Sunglasses Benefits

Going to spend some time outside while enjoying some quality time with friends, family or even by yourself is indeed calming and fun as well to take a break from some routines especially if the weather is nice and sunny. Almost all of us loves great weather because it brings such a good mood to go through your day or doing various activities yet, it may not be as pleasing to your eyes because bright lights can be hurtful and uncomfortable especially for a prolonged time.

Some people might think that wearing sunglasses is for fashion and to make someone’s look more stylist and while we agree there is some accessory act on putting a good pair, in practice it is more. The most important point and our personal reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect the eyes when it is sunny out there because ultraviolet light can be harmful for your eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina as well as uncomfortable to the eyes if yours are sensitive to bright lights.

Most of us are wearing them only on sunny summer days but what if this concept is not actually 100% true because sunglasses are in fact necessary for all year-round no matter if it is winter, summer, cloudy, or sunny, ultraviolet exposure is still happening out there. This is becoming more important when you are on or currently present near water because not only from the sun itself, we also get the exposure from the light reflected by the water surface.

Shopping for Sunglasses

Just like when shopping for anything, we will also need to pay attention to some of the sunglass specification to make sure we are getting the most effective piece to do the job properly and not only acting as accessory. The first thing you may want to consider is choose those which is labeled as 100% because we need a full protection against UV rays and it seems there are lots of people don’t pay attention to this label when buying one.

 Persol 714 Persol 714SM
Shipping Weight4 pounds6.4 ounces
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Smaller sunglasses are for fashion only and we should leave it for accessory as well so if you are going to spend some time outside, get those with bigger frame or oversized ones because we do use the term the bigger the better here as well for cutting the chance of UV light entering your eyes from the side. Additionally, performance wise, color doesn’t matter and the darker it gets, doesn’t always mean they provide more coverage thus, any color is fine as long as it is labeled as 100%.

About Persol 714 and 714SM

If you are going to go outside often or planning a holiday in a tropical country where the sun is very bright, getting a pair of sunglasses is a wise idea to keep your eyes from the damaging UV light, stay comfortable while enjoying various activities outdoors, and add a nice detail to your overall outfit. As a popular must-haves, sunglasses is offered by a plethora of brands from those we never heard of to those in the higher-ups so the choice is all yours. See also: Persol 714 vs Steve McQueen.

However, if you are looking for quality products, we recommend to check out the popular names or those we have been known for quite some time since they are more trusted as well and when it comes to sunglasses, Persol is one of the best choices. This iconic brand has been around for such a long time since 1917 and it is started by the founder Giuseppe Ratti which was focusing on luxury sunglass brand and they were making optics for athletes and aviators.

They also have quite a lot of collection that you can get from the catalogue and many of them are based on their classic models which has been around for an amount of time as well; probably not from your era. Among those collections, Persol 714 and 714SM are two of the most loved model because since it was first introduced in the 1960s, these sunglasses are still available to be purchased thanks to their ageless design and overall uniqueness.

Persol is very popular with their Meflecto system in which you can find in many of its products today but you may be surprised to hear that it is actually already introduced back then in 1930. This technology makes the arms/stem of their sunglasses flexible for better fitting. Persol 714 and 714SM are identical but the latter is a limited edition or Steve McQueen edition thus, you can see how this version reflects the rebellious character of the actor that made him an icon we remember today.

Persol 714 and 714SM Style

Speaking about styles, it is very surprising to see how these Persol 714 and 714SM are still very much in-style today because not many products that have been launched decades ago can keep up with the market demands and tastes so these sunglasses does feels like how we see jeans as fabric nowadays. The reason why they are popular among both ages whether it is young people or mature gentleman is because how they bridge the formal and casual concept very well.

When in a more formal occasion they are fine paired with 3-piece suits or if young people want to be more casual, they also good with just jeans and a plain black shirt. If you check the stem closely, we can also see that 714SM edition has an additional arrow instead of the standard we have on the corner where the frame and stem is joining together. It is such a small detail but somehow elevate the charisma of these sunglasses as well.

The sample image we are using in this article above are Black and Light Havana but if you are not a fan of these fashions, they are also available on few other shades. Aesthetically speaking the overall design are identical between these two models including the 54-21-140 measurement.

Persol 714 and 714SM Material

The first thing you may want to know about these sunglasses is probably what makes them expensive because price often decide everything and if the big name Persol itself is not enough to ensure their quality, these models frames are made from acetate which are all cut and hand-crafted in Italy, specifically in Turin region. The process is manual and this is why they can get very expensive because there will be more waste produced when you are using this manual method.

This is also why, for a true aesthetic they don’t have visible seams that we often found on injection-molded sunglasses and while for most high-end models this is like standard, the additional features in Persol 714 and 714SM are what makes them a better choice compared to many.

Persol 714 and 714SM Features

The most popular feature of Persol optics is the mentioned Meflecto system which is patented by the brand and very unique because of its ability to adapt to the wearer or our face shape and is great to erase pressure points that we often experienced with other glasses. This system involves inserting nylon or metal cylinders into an acetate stem and dissecting them with the flexible core of harmonic steel in which the process is claimed to require 10 working steps compared to normal frame.

The next feature that makes the original Persol 714 popular is the folding mechanism because these sunglasses are the companion for anyone who are looking for a pair that they can keep in pocket and instantly unfold when going outdoors. Thanks to the folding mechanism, there are hinges both on the bridge and stem, making them into a very compact sunglass that we can fit inside a pocket. This is also what separates them the most because while the bridge hinge are the same, the one on their stem is not.

If you see the original 714 model, these glasses will be folding the stem downward while the latter is modifying this hinge so the stem no longer fold downward but inside or towards the lens like when you are closing a book.


Comparing the two, Persol 714 and 714SM are like a close brothers since they are based on the same design but the special version does add a difference into the aesthetic with the addition of two arrows on the stem and a different folding mechanism. However, as far as material and main feature, they are very identical and you can get the same quality in either of them despite the huge price gap.

Persol 714 vs 714SM

- 100% UV protection coating
- Lens width: 52 and 54 millimeters
- Lens height: NA millimeters
- Bridge: 21 millimeters
- Model: PO714SM Steve McQueen Limited Edition / Color: 96/S3 Havan / Blue Hi-Quality Crystal Lense
- 100% Authentic New / 100% UV Protection / Polarized
- EyeSize 54mm/ Bridge 21mm/ Temple 140mm
- Made in Italy/ Authorized Retailer/ Buy With Confidence


There is no bad choice between these glasses because the options are all in your hand but if we are to choose and especially if you are concerned about value, we do recommend to take Persol 714 since the upgrade should not add that much of a price gap.