Persol 714 vs 649

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If you are confused between Persol 714 vs 649 right now, you have come to the right place! Below, you can read the detailed comparison between these two models of sunglasses. They indeed look similar. However, there are several differences that set them clearly apart.

Read on below to find out further about:
– How Persol714 and Persol 649 became popular
– The main difference between Persol 714 vs 649
– The size and weight of each pair of sunglasses
– How the sunglasses fit on the face
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Persol 649 is an iconic model. It is now considered as a legendary model. It was released for the first time in 1957. Initially, the sunglasses were designed for tram drivers in Turin. However, it quickly rose to huge popularity after it was worn by Marcello Mastroianni in the classic film Divorce Italian Style in 1961. See also: Costa Brine vs Fathom.

Throughout the years, Persol 649 has been improved with modern technologies. However, the unique shape remains, and is now an unmistakable brand icon. The company claims that Persol 649 combines the best design and technology to give a classic yet stylish appearance and great comfort to the wearer.

On the other hand, Persol 714 was introduced for the first time in the 1960s. According to the company, the Persol 714 sunglasses were the first ever folding glasses. So, it was quite a major breakthrough. However, it wasn’t very popular in the market. It owes its current popularity to Steeve McQueen, who wore Persol 714 in the 1968’s movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Persol 714 is unique because it is not only the arms the fold. The bridge also has a hinge, and the arms can be folded twice. As a result, you can turn the sunglasses into a very neat, compact form which you can easily pocket.

Folding vs Non-Folding
So, the first thing that you need to answer when choosing between Persol 714 vs 649 is whether you want folding or non-folding (regular) sunglasses. There are distinctive advantages and disadvantages on each style.

Persol 714 is a pair of folding sunglasses. The bridge has a hinge that allows you to fold the lenses to the top of each other. The arms can also be folded. Of course, the biggest advantage of this design is that it is very portable. The folded form is very small and compact. You can easily put the folded sunglasses into your pocket. By pocketing the sunglasses, the chance of accidentally breaking the frame or lenses is also lowered.

However, folding sunglasses like Persol 714 does have more moving parts. It has more hinges that may fail and break apart. If the middle hinge is broken, the frame becomes pretty much unusable. So, you need to exercise some care in folding and unfolding the frame. In addition, some people think that folding sunglasses look very old and classic. This is not entirely true. Persol 714 is available in various color choices, some of which look modern and stylish.

Persol 694 is a pair of non-folding sunglasses. The main advantage is that it is generally tougher and more durable. It does not have as many moving, fragile components. There is no prone hinge in the middle. So, it has a better chance to last for a longer time. Some people also think that this design is the fitting choice for the modern world.

However, Persol 649 can’t be folded as compact as Persol 714. You can only fold the arms. Well, it is still possible to pocket. But it definitely isn’t as portable, and it requires a deep pocket to remain securely in place instead of slipping out.

Size and Weight
The frame of Persol 714 is generally thinner and smaller than Persol 649. The shape and look are actually very similar, but the frame is not as wide. Both of these two models are available in several sizes to fit different people, but all of Persol 714’s three sizes are all smaller than Persol 649’s smallest size.

The weight difference is not really noticeable. Some people think that Persol 714 would weigh more than Persol 649 due to having more components, but this is not the case. The smaller frame helps to cut down some mass. So, in general, these two models weigh similarly.

Fit and Appearance
Because of the different frame sizes, Persol 714 vs 649 fit differently. If you have a mediums-sized head, Persol 714 will probably fit your better. If you have a wide head size, Persol 649 may provide a better fit. Both of these two models have a very pronounced nose piece with jagged edges.

The frame of Persol 714 is rather thin. It has a brow line that slightly bows down. Depending on the distance between your cheek bones and brow line, it may look off somehow. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful frame design that has the classic Steve McQueen style.

The frame of Persol 649 is fairly thick. It takes a very specific type of face to pull off. Someone with an oval face and high cheek bones can wear most sunglasses just fine, but they may still find Persol 649 a bit tricky to pull off.

As mentioned above, having more hinges and moving parts adds more concern to the durability of the sunglasses. The middle hinge of Persol 714 is not the most durable hinge in the world. You need to be careful when handling it because, once the hinge is crooked or bent, it practically becomes un-repairable.

If you don’t want to worry about breaking any middle hinge, just choose Persol 649. It is relatively more durable because it doesn’t have a middle hinge. The side hinges of the arms may still get damaged or worn, but these hinges are repairable.

Persol 714 vs 649

- Resin frame
- Glass lens
- 100% UV protection coating
- Lens width: 52 and 54 millimeters
- Lens height: NA millimeters
- Bridge: 21 millimeters
- Arm: 140 millimeters
- Acetate
- Imported
- Resin frame
- Glass lens
- Non-Polarized
- 100% UV protection coating
- Lens width: 54 millimeters

In general, Persol 649 is more recommended. This is because the model is more durable. It does not have any middle hinge that may render the sunglasses unusable once broken. Many people also think that the design is more modern and more suitable for these days. Persol 649 is relatively larger than Persol 714.