Pebble Steel vs Pebble Classic

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The Pebble range of wristwatches are some of the most desirable products in the market. In this article, we’re going to be reviewing The Pebble Steel vs Pebble Classic wristwatches. What do both wristwatches have in common? Why do some people prefer one to the other? What are their distinguishing features and what can you expect to get from each of these products? These and more are some of the things we’ll be digging into as we seek to review both items.

Pebble Steel vs Pebble Classic

Both wristwatches are classy and good looking. One of their endearing features is the fact that they both work with modern devices like iPhones and Android phones. Both wristwatches support Android versions v2.3 to v4.2 and iOS v4 to v8. The only exception to the iOS support is that Pebble Steel does not support iOS v8 while Pebble Classic also does not support iOS v4. Both have Digital Displays, Music Control and Shake to Dismiss Notification. In addition to this Pebble Steel has a Voice Control feature while Pebble Classic does not support this feature.

Another major difference between Pebble Steel and Pebble Classic is the notifications they support. While Pebble Steel supports Google Voice, Instagram, Google Hangout and Link Loss Alert notifications, Pebble Classic does not support any of these notifications. Both watches are water resistant and have a screen size of 1.26 inches and a screen resolution of 144 x 168 pixels. The batteries of both watches could last up to 7 days although Pebble Classic has a slightly better battery rating at 140 mAh while that of Pebble Steel stands at 130 mAh. Pebble Steel weighs 56g while Pebble Classic weighs 38g.
Pebble Steel is available on Amazon for $67.95 while Pebble Classic retails for $43.99

- Read email, texts, incoming calls, calendars and access your favorite apps on your wrist
- Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications
- Control your music right from your wrist with iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more, refer user manual below
- View notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favorite apps on your wrist.
- Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications
- Download watch faces and apps to suit your style and interests.

In this article, we have reviewed Pebble Steel vs Pebble Classic. Although, it is a known fact that Pebble watch appears to be the first smartwatch that aroused the interest of the world in smartwatches and most have similar features. Yet, there are certain distinguishing features that endear each of these watches to different category of buyers. For the purpose of this comparison, Pebble Steel is obviously the winner. It has more outstanding features than Pebble Classic although people who are on a tight budget might be drawn to Pebble Classic.