Panty Liner vs Pad

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So, you have entered your first period. Now, you need to take the first responsibility when stepping into womanhood. No matter what time of the month it currently is, you need to appear and feel great and comfortable nonetheless.

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From protective pads to refreshing panty liners, there is indeed a very wide range of solutions that can help you stay clean, dry, and confident throughout the day. Which one should you choose?


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A sanitary pad is usually an absorbent towel that gives some protection during your period. The towel attaches to the inside of the panties to prevent any leakage onto your clothes. It is usually made of a cotton-like material that is layered with a waterproof surface to lock away menstrual blood from making a discomfort. Pads are available in different sizes to adapt to lighter and heavier flows.

Panty Liner

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On the other hand, a panty liner is more of a mini pad, very convenient for light discharge and everyday cleanliness. It is significantly thinner than a pad, but designed quite similarly with an absorbent material and a sticky backing. A panty liner is suitable only when the flow is very light.

Panty Liner vs Pad

PadPanty Liner
- Significantly thicker- Significantly thinner
- Can contain more fluid- Can contain less fluid
- May hinder your movement more than a panty liner- Compared to a pad, may provide more mobility and maneuverability
- Best when the flow is quite heavy- Best at the beginning and end of the period

See the differences between Panty Liner vs Pad on pictures :

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So, for your everyday use, a panty liner is a great choice. It can remove any excessive wetness on the area, keeping you dry and clean without hindering your active lifestyle. However, as you get into your period, you have to use a pad instead!