Palty Hair Dye Review: Color Dye (Raspberry Macaron)

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Changing hair color is the usual thing. The reason, it’s been a lot of hair dye brands available in the market. So you don’t need to go to a salon again to dye my hair, because you could dye my own hair at home. However, you have to be more selective while choosing a hair Polish. Because there are products that make hair become damaged or not durable. For those of you who plan to dye the hair to make it look more beautiful and interesting, it’s good you think of products from Palty Hair Color Dye as one product to your hair coloring. We will provide a host of information about the products from Palty Hair Dye Color that will help you know little or abundance of the specifications of this product.

Palty Hair Dye Review

Palty Hair Color Dye is an advanced, innovative hair bleach/coloring product which gives you glossy, shiny hair with outstanding results. Formulated with several moisturizing ingredients to soften dry hair. You will get the color close to the box. Darker hair gets lighter with this brand, it is very easy to use and does not smell weird and just be sure to wait the entire time for the color to develop. The box has a picture of before and after depending on what the color of your hair you start with and the results depend on what color you choose, for example light brown, orange, or blonde.

As the promises from Palty Hair Dye, It is mentioned as some sentences that Palty Hair Dye colors hair with a moist, shiny, and silky finish. The hair color contains Camellia oil for moisture, Silicone for smoothness, and Botanical protein for hair protection. Camellia oil hair essence conditions and moisturizes the color treated hair after coloring. The packaging of this product is super cute although it is quite pricey for among buyers and users. But, after all it is still a lot cheaper than dye your hair at the salon. It is such a gorgeous beige-blonde hair color and it does not look bad as your expected before. It comes with a tube of hair color, oxide water in a plastic bottle, and a plastic comb applicator for the bottle.It also comes with a pair of gloves, a hair treatment, and an instruction leaflet. First, do not forget to put on the gloves! And to create the mixture, put the hair color from the tube into the bottle and shake it well. Then put the comb applicator on the bottle, and apply it on your hair. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Afterthat, left it for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair, and apply the hair treatment.

- Sweet, soft pink beige. - Colors your hair moist, shiny and beautiful.

Hair dye that is derived from this Japan Sakura became one of its popular products mainly on women. With the result that satisfy the varied colors and makes its users not only tried this product with just one use. Most of them have the desire to try the product with other colors. Lucky are those made with the instructions on the packaging and equipment provided by a Palty Hair Dye Color. With only a short time and without the need to spend a lot of time in the salon, the use of hair dye from Palty Hair Dye Color is very effective and efficient. If you are one of the color-addicted, you guys must feel the satisfactory results obtained from Palty Hair Dye Color!

Specifications of Palty Hair Dye
· A container filled 20% with some kind of watery formula
· An attachable applicator comb
· Bleach powder
· A toothpaste tube containing the bleach colour
· A pair of plastic gloves
· Instructions (in Japanese)
· Hair repair cream conditioner

Pros of Palty Hair Dye
· Super adorable boxing
· Easy to apply
· No poisonous bleach smells
· No burning sensations or pain
· Really managed to lighten my hair well
· Fun prepping time
· Does not dry out hair very much

Price for Palty Hair Dye
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