Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6

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When choosing a new frame, appearance is not the only factor to consider. It is important to choose the right model that fits you properly and feels comfortable. Otherwise, you will spend your money for something that only tortures you. So, in this article, we will help you choose between Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6 by considering several factors.

What we are going to discuss include:
– The design and build quality of each frame
– The size and fit of each frame
– What colors that are available on each model
– The lens size of Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6
– What lens materials and colors available on each model
– Whether you should choose Oakley Square Wire or Conductor 6

Design and Build
In general, both Oakley Square Wire and Oakley Conductor 6 are cool and sporty. They both have straight arms. They both are quite lightweight, so they are comfortable to wear for a long time. Both frames are made from the company’s patented C-5T alloy material, which is lightweight yet highly durable. Well, despite these similarities, there are still some distinctions. See also: Oakley Feedback vs Tiebreaker.

First of all, the frame of Oakley Square Wire does not have spring hinges. The arms need to be folded by your own force. This is not a big problem, but the frame does not feel classy and premium because of this. On the other hand, the frame of Oakley Conductor 6 comes with spring hinges, so the feel is much better. The spring hinges also enhance the fit to be snugger, so the frame can stay in place better.

The second difference is about their arms. Oakley Square Wire only comes with ‘bare’ temple arms. Again, this is not a big problem, but the feel is not of a premium product. Oakley Conductor 6 is equipped with unobtanium non-slip grip covers on the temple arms. It feels more comfortable and secure. The non-slip surfaces ensure that the frame can stay in place even when you are sweating.

Size and Fit
Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6 have very different sizes. As the effect, they will be more suitable for different kinds of people. Oakley Square Wire is good if you prefer a wide frame with short arms. Oakley Conductor 6 is not as wide, but the arms are longer. They also fit a bit differently, although they are both suitable for people with a large fit.

Oakley Square Wire is suitable for people whose fit is more on the larger side. The bridge width is 17 mm. However, it does come with adjustable nose pads, so you can customize the fit to match your face perfectly. The total frame width is 137 mm, so it is good for people with a large head. The arm length is about 123 mm. It doesn’t reach far behind the ears.

Oakley Conductor 6 is great for people whose fit is between medium and large. It comes with a slightly smaller bridge width, which is 16 mm. It also comes with adjustable nose pads, which means that you can also customize the fit to suit your particular preference. The total frame width is 132 mm. It has considerably longer arms. The arm length is 136 mm.

Frame Colors
Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6 provide different frame colors. Indeed, choosing the right frame color is a matter of personal preference. However, having more options is generally better, as it gives you a better chance of finding your favorite color that matches your style well.

Oakley Square Wire is better in this aspect because it provides more options. There are more frame colors available. The frame is available in polished black, matte black, carbon, and tungsten. The black variants can match most people just fine.

On the other hand, Oakley Conductor 6 only provides two options for the frame color. There are only matte black and lead. If you want a safe choice, the matte black variant is recommended, as it is neutral and able to match all people.

Lens Size
These two models have different lens sizes. Both models’ lenses are rectangular. Nevertheless, they both can provide good shades to shield your eyes from harsh sunlight, glares, and wind.

Oakley Square Wire comes with wider yet shorter lenses. Each of its lenses measures 60 mm wide and 36 mm high. As the effect, it may provide better peripheral vision in the horizontal directions. Nevertheless, the difference is not significant.

Oakley Conductor 6 is different. It comes with slightly narrower yet taller lenses. Each lens here measures 58 mm wide and 38 mm high. The slightly taller lenses can help to provide more shades to protect your eyes from sunlight and other light sources that come from the top.

Lens Options
Both Oakley Square Wire and Oakley Conductor 6 can be fitted with HD Polarized or standard lenses. If you want protection from glares and excessive brightness, you should choose HD Polarized lenses. The polarization will filter those pesky glares so that your eyes won’t get hurt. Meanwhile, the standard lenses simply add some tint and reduce some brightness without really filtering glares.

Oakley Square Wire provides more lens colors. While the standard lenses are only available in black iridium, the HD Polarized lenses are available in gray polarized, black iridium polarized, and tungsten iridium polarized.

The Gray Polarized provides neutral contrast and 16% light transmission, so it is ideal for a wide range of activities and conditions. The Black Iridium Polarized also has neutral contrast, but with just 10% light transmission, so this lens color is more suitable for activities under bright light. The Tungsten Iridium Polarized provides enhanced contrast and 15% light transmission, hence giving you a better ability to see details and distinguish objects.

Oakley Conductor 6 only has one standard lens color (black iridium) and one HD Polarized lens color (black iridium polarized). You don’t have any other option here.

Oakley Square Wire vs Conductor 6

- Metal Frames
- Imported
- Closure
- Metal frame
- Plastic lens
- Polarized Iridium
- 100% UV protection coating
- Plastic
- Imported
- Closure
- Metal frame
- Plastic lens
- Non-polarized Iridium
- 100% UV protection coating

Although each model here has its own distinctive advantages, Oakley Conductor 6 is generally more recommended. It comes with spring hinges and non-slip temple arm covers. As the effect, it feels much more comfortable to wear. Also, the taller lenses can give slightly better shades.