New Balance 501 vs 574

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If you are looking for a pair of running shoes right now, perhaps you have heard quite some about the New Balance shoes. The company has produced several running shoe models that are quite popular on the market, well-received and loved by the buyers because of the comfort and performance they offer. So, now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you are currently considering getting either New Balance 501 or New Balance 574. Both of these items are running shoe models that are quite affordable and budget-friendly. But New Balance 574 is usually slightly pricier than New Balance 501. How do the two compare against each other?

New Balance 501 vs 574

If we put the two side by side, we can see that they share quite some resemblances in style and design. Both models feature the iconic “N” logo of the brand, stitched on the outer side of the shoe. Both models also have similar shapes. However, they are made from different materials. New Balance 501 has an upper that is made of suede and fabric. On the other hand, New Balance 574 comes with an upper made of suede and mesh. We can see that the upper New Balance 574 has more layers that are well-stitched. New Balance 501 is also stitched properly, but it has fewer layers. The upper of New Balance 574 is improved, more durable than New Balance 501. However, both models have padded tongues and collars to provide comfortable running. In addition, New Balance 501 is only available in white, gray, and black variants. New Balance 574 offers more color choices including blue and red variants.

The two shoes also come with different soles. New Balance 501 is equipped with a rubber sole and a dual-layer foam midsole. The combination is actually good. It provides good traction and good cushioning. However, New Balance 574 offers higher technologies. New Balance 574 has EVA/ENCAP heel cushioning, die-cut EVA foam midsole, and carbon rubber outsole. The EVA cushioning is great. The material has been used widely in various footwear products because of the nice qualities. EVA is able to attenuate impacts, soft, flexible, and durable. The outsole provides excellent traction for optimum gripping and preventing slipping.

- Leather and fabric
- Rubber sole
- Everyday casual sneaker with lightweight cushioning and iconic "N" logoing
- Padded collar and tongue
- Dual-layer foam midsole
- Leather and Mesh
- Synthetic sole
- Heel measures approximately 1.25"
- Laid-back sneaker in leather with mesh panels and padded collar and tongue
- EVA/ENCAP heel cushion

Even though New Balance 501 is a nice and comfy product already, we recommend you to choose New Balance 574. It has a better build quality. The cushioning is more superior, providing excellent comfort and performance for running.