New Balance 501 Review: Budget Friendly and Comfortable Running Shoes

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New Balance 501 is a popular choice for running shoes. Well, there are several reasons to this. Perhaps the very first reason is the budget-friendly nature. Available under a hundred dollars a pair, it is very friendly to the wallet. It is not going to break anybody’s bank account. The second reason is the comfort. It is very soft and comfortable to wear, even for prolonged sessions. Third, the trendy looks. It comes with the unmistakable “N” logoing of the brand, and you can wear it confidently wherever you go. The performance is great; it helps you move more effortlessly and comfortably.

New Balance 501 Review

New Balance 501 appears very modern and trendy. It comes with a combination of suede and textile for the uppers, very lightweight and breathable. The comfy uppers ensure that your feet are always fresh and well ventilated. However, it is not very waterproof, so it cannot adequately protect your feet from rain and wetness. Wise to avoid water pools on the road. It features a cloth lace, and there is the iconic “N” logo on the side that enhances the classy appearance. It is equipped with a solid rubber outsole. The rubber materials provide excellent, dependable traction on various terrains. The outsole also has a pronounced tread pattern that creates may biting edges for reliable traction and precise movement. The sole is quite thick, providing optimum uncompromising protection to your feet against possible sharp objects on the road. (See also: New Balance 501 vs 574)

- Leather and fabric - Rubber sole - casual sneaker with lightweight cushioning and iconic "N" logoing - Padded collar and tongue - Dual-layer foam midsole

Both the tongue and collar are well padded, ensuring comfort on intensive movements. The interior is also padded and quite breathable, though the feet can get somewhat sweaty inside the shoes. There is a dual-layer foam midsole that provides excellent cushioning. The cushioning pretty much eliminates the feel of anything that you step onto, at the same time reducing impacts that can tire and hurt your feet. Overall, New Balance 501 is quite durable. It can certainly last for some time with good care.

Specifications of New Balance 501
Everyday casual sneaker, featuring a lightweight cushioning and iconic “N” logo
Padded collar and tongue
Suede/textile upper
Suede overlays for additional comfort
Ballistic mesh underlays
Dual-layer foam midsole
Solid rubber outsole

Pros of New Balance 501
– Very comfy and soft to wear
– Nice and trendy appearance
– Available in various color choices and sizes
– Relatively affordable price

Price of New Balance 501
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