Neutrogena vs Equate

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After a long day at work, you definitely want to vent out and relax at home. However, you still need to get rid of your makeup, especially if you don’t want the makeup to clog up your pores and cause skin problems. But removing the makeup is not a straightforward task. Sometimes, you need to scrub the makeup properly in order to remove them. You can use some cleansing wipes to remove the makeup before washing your face with water. Both Neutrogena wipes and Equate wipes are very popular on the market. Which one is better? See the comparisons between Neutrogena vs Equate wipes below.

Neutrogena vs Equate

Value and Price
Of course, the easiest way to compare two products of the same class in the market is by comparing their prices and the number of uses that they offer. Both Neutrogena and Equate are available as six-pack bundles that are sold at a similar price point. However, each pack of Neutrogena only contains 25 wipes. So, the total number of wipes that Neutrogena’s bundle offers is 150 wipes.

The difference is very significant. Each pack of Equate contains 48 wipes. If you calculate the total number of wipes that the bundle offers, you get 288 wipes. That’s nearly the double of Neutrogena’s count. So, in terms of value, Equate is much better. You get more for the same amount of money. (See more another discussion about neutrogena)

Cleansing Power
If your primary use is for removing your makeup, you have to consider the cleansing power of Neutrogena vs Equate. Between the two, Neutrogena is indeed the more effective one. It uses a variety of ingredients that are gentle on the skin, yet effective for removing dirt, oil, and makeup. It is even effective for removing waterproof mascara. You can remove your makeup with just a few gentle wipes.

On the other hand, the Equate wipes work well for cleansing oil and refreshing the face. However, it is not as powerful as Neutrogena. It has a harder time to cleanse strong-staying makeup and waterproof mascara.

Gentleness and Feel
Both products here are very gentle, and they are safe for sensitive skin. They both don’t use alcohol. Neutrogena does not specifically state whether it is hypoallergenic or not, but it is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It feels nice and light, especially because it does not leave any heavy residue.

On the other hand, Equate clearly states that it is hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. So, it can be used by virtually all people. It also feels very nice and refreshing on the skin. This is apparently because each wipe is enriched with aloe leaf extract and vitamin E. So, besides cleansing your skin, it can also moisturize and nourish the skin.

- Travel pack of towelettes for removing makeup, dirt, and oil
- Gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
- Works on waterproof mascara
- Helps leave skin clean and fresh in 1 easy step
- Hypoallergenic and alcohol free
- Easy pop-ups dispensing. NSF certified
- Equate Fresh Scent Flushable Wipes contains soothing aloe and vitamin E
- More than 95% biodegradable and made with 95% renewable resources

You should choose Neutrogena only if you need to remove makeups that have strong staying power or waterproof mascara. It is powerful enough to remove such makeups. Otherwise, if you only use light makeups, Equate is probably sufficient. In terms of value, Equate is better. This product provides more wipes for the same amount of money, and is enriched with aloe leaf extract and vitamin E.