Neulash vs Revitalash

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Epureanu Ever since Brooke Shields introduced the world to Latisse, almost a decade ago, women from all over the world start including lash growth products in their beautification arsenal. And, if during the first couple of years, the only options were the original brand (which was ever FDA approved in 2008) and cheap but inefficient alternatives, during the last years quite a few highly efficient products hit the market, not only giving Latisse a run for its money, but even beating the original product in many aspect. And in this short article, we’ll try to look a bit at the Neulash vs Revitalash competition and decide who we’ll pick as the official challenger for the best lash growth product competition.


First of all, I have to mention that both products are quite pricey (although still not as expensive as Latisse), but they worth every single penny, being highly efficient in stimulating lash growth, though leading to longer, fuller and generally better and healthier looking lashes. To go further with similarities, I have to mention that they are both easy to apply (nightly during the growth phase and every other night during the maintenance phase), start giving visible results in about three to four weeks and reach the maximum growth in about six to eight weeks from the start of the treatment. When it comes about differences, Neulash has the advantage that its active ingredients have more research done to back up their lash growth efficiency and, indeed, the product seems slightly more efficient, while Revitalash seems to have less side effects on sensitive eyes.

- Neulash 3.2ml 0.11oz Lash Enhancing Serum
- Eyelash Serum Enhancer
- Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 2.0ml/0.068oz
- RevitaLash Eye Creams

Neulash vs Revitalash
Trying to conclude vs Neulash vs Revitalash battle, I would say that both are great products and no matter what you choose you really can’t go wrong with them, and my personal advice would be to experiment with both and just see which one seems to work better for you. If you still want to pick only one, though, I would recommend Revitalash only if you know you have sensitive eyes, that tend to get irritated easily, but for everyone else my recommendation would go towards Neulash, which, in my humble opinion, is also the winner (although, only by a small edge) of our friendly battle.