Merino Wool vs Cashmere

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As the winter comes, the time for revamping your wardrobe comes also. Nothing is more convenient in a cold, snowy day than snuggling yourself up in a woolen sweater, keeping you warm and happy. However, with the various woolen wears available over the market, it is best if you are aware that there are several different types of wool used in clothing.

Merino Wool vs Cashmere 1

Merino wool and cashmere wool are two kinds of wool that have been the most popular on the market for quite a long time. However, they have different prices. If you want to know the differences between them to determine which type of wool is best for your sweater, continue reading!

Merino Wool

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Merino wool is acquired from Poll Merinos, a breed of sheep most often raised in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is awesome – it has the rich, sheeny looks, superior softness, very light weight, as well as decent breathability and odor-absorbent quality. Merino wool is also immensely rugged and durable.

Cashmere Wool

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As represented by its name, cashmere wool is derived from Kashmir goats, which are native to the Kashmir region of India, Tibet, China, Turkistan, Iran, and Iraq. Cashmere wool is considered luxurious due to its superb softness and warmth. It is very gentle to the touch, and able to keep your body warm even in the coldest days ever. However, it is not as tough as merino wool, and is quite difficult to process, making its price higher.

Merino Wool vs Cashmere

Merino WoolCashmere Wool
- Acquired from Poll Merinos, a breed of sheep from Australia and New Zealand- Acquired from Kashmir goats, which are native to the Kashmir region
- Very rugged and durable, able to withstand hand washing with either warm or cold water as well as spot cleaning- Not as tough, require careful hand washing, avoid spot cleaning
- Very lightweight, soft, breathable, odor-absorbent- Extremely soft
- Decent warmth- Excellent warmth
- Relatively more affordable- Relatively more expensive due to the more difficult processing

See the differences between Merino Wool vs Cashmere on pictures :

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In general, for your day-to-day clothing, merino wool makes the best choice. Some of its unique properties are not possessed by cashmere wool. On the other hand, cashmere wool should be your choice if you require the superior warmth quality.