Meladerm vs SkinBright

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Meladerm and SkinBright are currently two of the most popular products for whitening the skin, and they do use similar ingredients. Hence, choosing the best product out of the two may be a little difficult. Both products are designed to reduce and eliminate dark spots and freckles. They both can also treat melasma, hyperpigmentation, as well as scar marks. So, how do Meladerm vs SkinBright compare, and which one is better for you?

Meladerm vs SkinBright

The Ingredients
Both Meladerm and SkinBright are based on similar ingredients. They both contain kojic acid, alpha arbutin, and lemon juice extract. These are effective yet safe ingredients that can help to lighten the skin and eliminate blemishes. Don’t forget to take a look at our previous post: Meladerm vs Makari.

In general, these ingredients are safer compared to the harmful chemicals which were popularly used in skin treatment products such as mercury, hydroquinone, and paraben. The natural ingredients are gentler and more tolerated on the skin.

Since these two products utilize the same active ingredients, you can expect them both to be effective. Well, they take some time to deliver noticeable results. Positive improvements may appear within 2 – 3 weeks since the first usage, and final results may require up to 3 months to appear. Nevertheless, a full course of usage with either product does not extend above six months.

Both products are useful if you just want to lighten the tone of your skin. They are also effective for removing discoloration and dark spots. Somehow, Meladerm is a little less effective than SkinBright in treating severe scars. But it is more effective for treating the full spectrum of hyperpigmentation conditions. It is also suitable for treating melasma. On the other hand, SkinBright is great for improving the look and texture of scar marks but less effective for difficult spots.

The formulas of Meladerm and SkinBright may lose efficacy if exposed continuously to air and light. Therefore, make sure that you close the container properly every after use.

Meladerm comes with a better packaging which properly protects the cream against the environmental factors. The airless light-proof container secures and preserves the quality of the content. On the other hand, SkinBright does come in an air-tight dispenser, but it is not light-proof. So, you have to put it inside a drawer or put it back into the box to avoid exposing it to light.

Possible Side Effects
The ingredients used in both Meladerm vs SkinBright are generally safe for most people. They don’t have any potential carcinogen, and they are less irritating compared to other products which use harsh chemicals. Still, a small percentage of the world’s population may be allergic to one of the ingredients. If you experience serious irritation, you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients and you should stop using these products.

- Meladerm contains over 10 advanced ingredients that brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation such as age spots, acne marks, melasma, and uneven skin tone
- Many of our customers use the product to achieve an uniform skin tone by reducing the appearance of discolorations and dark spots caused by factors such as age, acne, sun exposure and pregnancy
- Meladerm works by combining the well documented properties of the most effective skin brightening ingredients
- Many of the key ingredients in the formula are derived from natural extracts such as Mulberry, Licorice and Bearberry plants
- Our products contain absolutely no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harsh bleaching substances
- Guaranteed, effective treatment for melasma, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dark underarms, and more
- Lighten skin naturally, and remove freckles, dark spots, acne marks, on the face, hands, and body
- Made in the US with the highest quality ingredients, for men and women of all skin types and shades
- Safely and gently removes the appearance of skin discolorations and evens out your skin tone
- Even your skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Both Meladerm and SkinBright are excellent skin treatment products that can help you lighten the skin and eliminate blemishes. They use similar ingredients that are safe and effective, but Meladerm is slightly better because it comes in an air-tight and light-proof conditioner.