Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic

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At first, mascara may seem like a simple thing. In a nutshell, mascara is just a lump on your eyelash that makes it look thicker and longer. However, choosing the right mascara is not that simple; some products simply work on some people and not on others. The latest mascara hype comes from Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic, two mascara products that receive lots of compliments and recommendations from their users.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Maybelline Sky High and Loreal Telescopic:

  • What Maybelline Sky High and Loreal Telescopic claim and offer
  • The ingredients used by Maybelline Sky High and Loreal Telescopic
  • Which mascara is easier to use
  • The results of Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic
  • Which mascara is more waterproof
  • Whether you should get Maybelline Sky High or Loreal Telescopic

About Maybelline Sky High

Maybelline Sky High is the newest mascara from a well-known name in the beauty industry. Maybelline New York has produced a wide range of high-quality makeup products over the decades, and they focus on creating effective products with accessibility, inclusivity, and affordability. Maybelline Sky High is a fine example; it is great and reliable, and you can find it easily in most places with a friendly price tag.

This mascara is said to be ideal for pretty much any person who aims to make their eyelashes longer and more attractive. Maybelline Sky High claims to provide length and definition with a natural-looking and fluttery finish. Read also: Nubian Heritage vs Shea Moisture.

The ingredients of Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic are mostly good. It is pretty much what you expect in a mascara. It is not squeaky clean, as it still uses ingredients like paraffin and polyethylene glycol (PEG), but these things are safe as long as you don’t have any kind of allergy against them

Just like most mascaras, Maybelline Sky High is straightforward to use. It comes with a flexible brush that features nicely separated and defined teeth. You just need to dip the brush into the bottle and then comb it through your lashes. Repeat until you achieve the desired length and look. However, the brush teeth are somewhat thin, so you may need to wiggle it a bit if you really want to add volume.

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Maybelline Sky High: In Use

Maybelline Sky High has become very popular and is now loved by many people for good reasons. It delivers exceptional results. It does not only extend your eyelashes, but also provides healthy volume and curl.

When comparing Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic, it is notable that Maybelline Sky High gives slightly more length. The results are also nicely defined, without any clump or brittle appearance. Simply put, the eyelashes look healthy and natural. You can also use Maybelline Sky High to curl your eyelashes nicely. One nice trick to achieve the curl is by heating up the brush slightly under your hair dryer before usage. Just a few seconds with the hottest setting will get the job done.

Another great thing about Maybelline Sky High is that it does not flake. Even if you dare to try applying another layer of mascara on top of an existing one, the result is surprisingly good. The new layer sticks nicely to the old one.

Maybelline Sky High is truly waterproof. If we compare the water resistance of Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic in real use, Maybelline Sky High is definitely better. Minor splashes and light rain won’t erase it. However, continuous exposure to water will still eventually wash it off. This also means that, at the end of the day, Maybelline Sky High requires a bit of effort to clean off your face.

About Loreal Telescopic

Loreal Telescopic is a mascara that has been in the market for quite some time and has achieved great success. The Loreal company is known for incorporating science, research, and technology into their beauty products to ensure the best results, and this can be seen in the Loreal Telescopic mascara. It uses a combination of active ingredients so that the mascara is safe for your eyelashes, and it comes with a well-designed applicator.

Loreal Telescopic is best for getting a nice daytime look. It uses beeswax, rice bran wax, and carnauba wax to work effectively and gently. Unfortunately, there is still a potential allergen in the form of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), which is also known as dibutyl hydroxytoluene (DHT). This is something to watch out for if you are allergic to some chemical.

The usage is really easy. The bottle has a suction that removes excessive mascara from the applicator. As a result, you won’t need to worry about over-applying the mascara. You will get the perfect amount every time.

Furthermore, the applicator has two different sides. The flat side is for lengthening and coating your eyelashes, whereas the firm, spiky bristles are for separating and defining each lash. Between Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic, it is arguably easier with Loreal Telescopic to achieve extra volume and definition.

Loreal Telescopic: In Use

The results from Loreal Telescopic are generally great. It provides decent length, and it can make your eyes appear wide, healthier, and more awake. However, it does not provide as much length as Maybelline Sky High. This is not an issue if you don’t really want a dramatic length or curl.

Another issue with Loreal Telescopic is that it tends to flake. This is especially true if you apply multiple coats on your eyelashes. Also, Loreal Telescopic is available in two versions, the regular formula and the waterproof formula. But, even with the waterproof formula, it does not resist water really well. It is still somewhat easy to get washed off when exposed to water.

On the positive side, Loreal Telescopic feels easier to clean. It does not stick as stubbornly as Maybelline Sky High, so you can remove it from your face quite quickly. This is a good thing if you want good mascara that is easy to wear and to remove for your time in the office.

Maybelline Sky High vs Loreal Telescopic

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In general, Maybelline Sky High is the better mascara. It provides more length and better curl. It is also more waterproof. The results look really nice and natural. There is no flaking, even if you apply another layer on top of an existing one. However, Loreal Telescopic can be a good alternative if you don’t want a very dramatic length or curl, and you prefer something that is easy to wear and remove.