Maybelline Sky High VS Lash Sensational

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Makeup is very important for many of us and this is not only because they can cover some imperfections but also because they can overall flatter your natural beauty or face shape. Depending on your preference, we can add some mascaras to improve the eye and make it look more awake but if you want something that is also thickening, Maybelline Sky High Vs Lash Sensational will be the ideal option so let’s see below about what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Mascara to Buy
  • What are Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational
  • How are the Package of Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational
  • How are the Wand of Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational
  • How are the Formulation of Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational
  • How are the Performance of Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational
  • Maybelline Sky High Vs Lash Sensational

Choosing for a Mascara

Beauty industry is huge and it has been around since forever that the supply for beauty products is almost unlimited no matter where you go. Choosing the product itself can be very stressful which is why it may take some time for us to decide whether the choice is already matching your skin needs or the purpose of the product itself. Especially for skin care, our skin varies widely and it is not always wise to go for a popular option even though they are promising.

For the cosmetic parts, besides how they must be safe to use on your body, the main purpose has to be delivered properly. For example some foundations are made to just layer the skin and help it retain the next products we applied but some are actually covering the skin imperfections almost perfectly so that it becomes a new skin. The same for mascaras, sometimes they just define your lashes but sometimes they can create a new look itself.

When it comes to mascaras, there are two factors that play the most important role in deciding whether they are ideal for you or not. They are the wand and formulation because our lashes are just like skin, unique and not every lashes will be ideal paired with just any mascara. Even the application technique will affect how the result will look like so instead of going with just any popular option, it is wise to consider your own needs and what type of result desired from the product. 

 Maybelline Sky HighLash Sensational
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Those with long lashes will need a curling formula and brush to enhance the natural length to help curling the lashes and opening the eyes more. Use the mascara while combing the hair to the side to create a cat eye look without the need to use the liquid eyeliner. We can concentrate on the outer lashes to pull this type of look. For people with stumpy lashes we can choose a dense wand to grab and capture each lash; brush is usually better than plastic for the maximum styling ability.

If your lashes are straight and don’t curl like many others, we can fix this by using the curler first and then choosing the mascara with curling formula as well as a brush while rolling the wand. It is better to use the finger to push back the lashes when it is not fully dry in order to push the lashes upward. For people with short lashes, we can try natural formulation, especially if it is a result from product overuse. This type of lashes will look good with dolly lash and bigger brush.

About Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational

Now when you already have an idea about what mascara to go for or which of them will match with the lashes type, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There will be more than plenty to choose from so it can be very confusing but we can always shop based on what they can offer and the result that we want. If you don’t have much time we can just visit the store and ask the help from their assistant.

This is the most convenient way because they are more knowledgeable about the range of options and what most people are looking for in the store. It is never a guarantee however so it is still best to try the product if possible. Among those many options of cosmetic brands as well as the type of mascaras that we can go for, Maybelline is one of the best options to try. We are sure many of us are familiar with this brand for how famous their mascara line is.

The drugstore makeup is also fairly affordable so even when they don’t match your taste we won’t regret spending the amount. But, the reason why many people love their mascara is because they do work wonderfully, depending on which fits on your lashes best. Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational are two of the most popular and among the best as well for everyone who wants to get a thicker and longer lash conveniently. They are equally promising volumes but not exactly the same.

The Sky High is one of our most favorite mascaras from the brand and we have talked about it in Maybelline Sky High Vs L’Oreal Lash Paradise for how well the product performed. Among the Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational, we do think Lash Sensational will be more ideal for users with thinner natural lashes because its wand is made for this type of hair but the thicker lashes may like the formulation and effects too.

Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational Package

This may not be the case for every buyer but we do love having a product that has a flattering package as well and here the bottle of Sky High is just eye-catching. Just like many other Maybelline mascaras, the two are coming in this rose gold shade that makes the products look feminine and chick but the straight bottle of Sky High with the embossed lettering makes it looks prettier among the peers. It however contains less formula at 0.2 oz. while the Lash Sensational contains 0.32 oz.  

You can find several options from these collections and they are also available in both washable and waterproof variants depending on which seems to match your preference better. Price wise Lash Sensational is more affordable and for some shades it can be as cheap as half of the Sky High so if you want to save some budget the latter seems to be the most interesting option to go for.

Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational Wand

Moving further, let’s see what Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational can offer from the wand first because this is very important not only to apply the formula but also how it can separate and shape your lashes. The difference is very noticeable because Sky High is thinner in general while the Lash Sensational is thicker and firm. Sky High is rather flexible when you bend it and since it is straight, the brush width is also wider compared to the curved Lash Sensational.

Both of them are grabbing into the lashes really well but we do think the thinner wand is in general easier to use because we can move the hand slightly more freely. But, we also think that it needs more combing compared to the thicker wand since it may not deposit the same amount of formulation at one go.

Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational Formulation

For the formulation of Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational, they are also slightly different. In application, the Sky High feels like it almost instantly grabs and coats the lashes but it doesn’t make the hairs extremely thick at one go that it becomes hard to control. We think using the mascaras twice will reach the type of look and thickness most people want from the product. What’s so surprising is the lift power of Sky High which is impressive compared to Lash Sensational.

In comparison, Lash Sensational does thicken your lashes and it also needs less combing or application to reach the level of volume yet, it is not as lifting as the Sky High and we do think it is also due to the wand style than just the formulation. First coat is kind of similar but the second coat will result in Sky High being not only lifting but also thicker so the eyes look noticeably bigger.

Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational Performance 

Lastly for the overall experience, Maybelline Sky High and Lash Sensational are long lasting and unless you will be sweating a lot, the two will stay good for about the whole day. There is no noticeable fall-off or flaking as well for both mascaras but we are very impressed with the performance of Sky High since it is very curling so we had some concerns that it will lose the effects at some point and we are glad it is proven wrong; the mascara still looked awesome after we finished the day.

Maybelline Sky High VS Lash Sensational

You can go amazing with any of these mascaras because the price difference makes the performance as well. The biggest reason is probably the wand style and the formulation but the wand definitely helps a lot in achieving the longer and curled look. We feel like they have a very similar formulation at least from how they thicken the lashes but the second coat proved that Sky High is also thicker, longer, and more lifting than Lash Sensational.

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The option is all yours based on which seems to work best in your type of lash or the result that you want the most but personally we will recommend spending more on Sky High and get that thicker, longer, and curly lashes that stay for the whole day.