Maybelline Sky High vs Falsies Lash Lift

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Makeup is great for improving our appearance and there are so many of them that we can choose from, in which one of them is the mascara. They will help by adding volume or optimizing the curve to make the eyes look bigger and prominent, such as what is offered by the Maybelline Sky High Vs Falsies Lash Lift. These mascaras are loved for solid reasons and you may want to try one too. Before deciding the purchase, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Long Lashes are Attractive
  • What are Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • How are the Packaging of Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • How are the Wand in Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • How are the Application of Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • How are the Formulation of Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • How are the Volume and Length Result of Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift
  • Maybelline Sky High Vs Falsies Lash Lift

Beauty of Long Lashes

Everyone wants to look attractive but the idea of attractiveness can be different on different people which is why you can see diverse clothing styles, makeup, or a hairstyle that sometimes we don’t get the idea behind. But, it is a freedom of expression as well and make up for example is not only meant to improve the appearance but for some people also used as a tool to express themselves and be creative about it. Naturally, we also have preferences about the ideal shape or character on the face or body.

One of them is eyelash which is probably a very small thing that occupies a little space on our eye lid but can play a huge role in affecting how you look. In fact lashes are always connected to being female, for example you can see two cartoons and one that acts as the girl will have their lashes curled up while the male character has none of it. In real life, almost everyone has lashes, except for people who have some diseases or health issues that cause the hair to fall off or not grow. 

While even today there is still quite a little known reason why humans develop eyelashes, some scientists think that it is for a purpose or to diffuse the airflow that may threaten to dry out the eyeball as the length itself is often determined by the size of the eyeballs instead of gender. We also know that mammals have them so not only us humans are having lashes but also many other animals in the wild that probably develop eyelashes also for an important purpose.

In the modern world, eyelashes are closely related to being female and being attractive but we still can’t pinpoint the reason why, it is just attractive and pretty or pleasing to see. Seeing this from the more logical approach one of the reasons is probably because the presence of lashes is a sign of overall good health as some health issues do cause hair loss including the eyelash. Historically eyelash was also associated with chastity but this is probably the last truth among all.

The recent research is the most clear in our opinion because long lashes give or create an impression of wide, gazing eyes which may affect the people who see them. Certain characteristics on people such as round face and small chin or baby-ish feature gives you a feeling that the person is kind, warm, or naïve, and honest so in general the long lashes probably awaken some feeling that we perceive as the quality of people who have it and this quality is attractive.

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About Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift

There are several ways to improve your appearance by having thicker or longer eyelashes and this can be done conveniently as well. The most effective is probably by doing an extension because this way we don’t have to use more products and it will also last longer without much care. The extension can be done in various salons or beauty clinics that you have often visited but for those who are not comfortable doing the treatment, we can just pick the mascara that can produce the same effects. Read also: Foreo Luna Play Plus vs Clarisonic.

Most mascaras are very similar to each other when it comes to the tagline as it is always about volume and how they are able to create the illusion of longer lash but, not all of the available options will work the same or actually proving the claim. When it comes to mascara, you can pick any brand available at the drugstore but wherever you go, there is always Maybelline on the shelf. They are one of the most prominent players for affordable, good drugstore makeups and mascara is one for their specialties.

Our personal experience when asking around for recommendations from friends or family is almost always one of their mascaras so they must be working really well. However, once you go to the store, there are plenty of them to choose from and this can get quite confusing, especially if this is your first buy or experience with their mascaras. Maybelline tends to always renew the lineup so you can have new variety every once in a while and some of the newest are Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift.

These mascaras are highly rated for their performance and as the name suggests, the two are promising an appearance of long curl up lashes but not everyone will like both or you may like one of them better. In comparison, the Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift already have different formulations and the applicator is also slightly different which further add up into how they are probably ideal for different people.

Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift Package

Before seeing what these mascaras can offer, let’s see the presentation first and the two actually look very different from the outside. The Sky High is more elegant in our opinion with the purple-pink shiny shade and if you can notice, the bottle is very pretty with 3D printing of the name. It is an elegant mascara out of the packaging and currently is sold at $8.9 only. It is available in various shades or variants such as washable blackest black, washable very black, waterproof very black, and waterproof brownish black.

On the other hand Falsies Lash Lift is simpler with a clean silver bottle and a darker purple lid. The labelling is also much more simple because it is only printed on the surface. The mascara is currently sold at $7.4 and also available in various shades or variants such as washable ultra-black, washable blackest black, washable very black, and waterproof brownish black. 

Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift Wand

Next let’s talk about the applicator or wand on Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift because they are also different. In comparison, the Sky High is very thin, including shorter brittles which are flexible as well. The shape is very simple, straight but can flex a little bit when you put some pressure while applying the mascara. The Falsies Lash Light is thicker here and also sturdier with a curve in the middle of the wand, it is not bulky but rather thick compared to the Sky High.

Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift Application

Now for the first impression, the two are already quite different from each other. We applied the mascara once and directly saw the improvement in thickness and length. It is probably very subjective to the level of your liking and the natural length or thickness of the lashes itself but both are sticking to the hair very well. They don’t give much volume for the first application and in comparison, the Sky High actually gives a thicker look which is surprising as it has the thinner wand.

The next second and third application of Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift really show how far you can build these mascaras and we can say you can do it with ease. For those who prefer a much thicker look, the third application should be ideal.

Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift Formulation

We also want to talk about the formulation of these mascaras because we don’t think they are identical. First thing we notice is that the liquid of Sky High is less thick compared to Falsies Lash Lift which is why it looks the less clumpy between the two and making it easier to build up. However, they dry almost at the same time so we do think it is best to apply them quickly to prevent the liquid from sticking too much into the lashes.

Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift Volume and Length

Lastly let’s talk about the volume and length after wearing Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift. Compared directly the Sky High is actually a better mascara based on the formulation because its liquid works really well at adding the length and surprisingly well too at adding volume. However, it will be much better if the wand is less flexible because we feel like its separation is poor because we can’t properly separate the lashes using the wand. The Falsies Lift is good as well but it can be a bit thicker for most people.

Maybelline Sky High vs Falsies Lash Lift

Both Maybelline Sky High and Falsies Lash Lift are good mascaras. We do think they are working really well at adding volume and lifting the lash to create a bigger eyes and more “awake” impression. The Sky High is better because it is lighter and easy to build up as well as showing the length faster than Lash Lift. But, it also dries quickly and the wand is flexible so it can’t separate the hair as effectively.

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You can go amazing with these mascaras and many people love them so you may like them as well. But, personally we will recommend you to get the Sky High because the formulation is better here and it also creates more volume as well as length.