Maybelline Fit Me vs Revlon Colorstay

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If some beauty vloggers are doing review in making videos of some products review whether in battle or single review, we try to make an article about 2 well-known brands of cosmetics. The brands are coming from Maybeliine and Revlon. Of course, we know that these 2 products have so many kinds of cosmetic products but, this time we will compare their newly product of foundation, Maybelline Fit Me and Revlon Colorstay. Since they both offer the same advantages which is longlasting, we will see through the reviews of them.

Maybelline Fit Me vs Revlon Colorstay

Maybelline Fit Me
Maybelline Fit Me perhaps one of the best and cheap foundation among others. Offering ‘Dewy and Smooth’ and ‘Matte and Poreless’ results, Maybelline Fit Me seems like never lies the consumers. From the packaging, this foundation has simple square shape with black tube and transparent body made from glass, mention it as a pour bottle. 16 shades are ready to become your choice according to your skin tone, but it is okay if they are getting more shade and there will be better. After using this foundation, you will look glowing and are suitable for ‘Normal to dry’ and ‘Normal to Oily’ skin. You will never feel this foundation is too thick on its coverage because, even you put 2 layers on applying this foundation, your face is still light enough with or without powder (sometimes people add powder after applying foundation). It takes 6-8 hours until Maybelline Fit Me is giving up on your face which is long lasting enough especially for indoor activities.

Revlon Colorstay
Revlon Colorstay comes in good and favorite packaging because, there is a pump that will help you to control the using of your foundation. Revlon Colorstay claims 24 hours long lasting foundation, flawless look, and lightly on the face. The type of this foundation is liquid texture combination for oily and normal skin. With finish matte and light to medium coverage which is enough to disguise all pores on your face. For mostly reviews, this foundation is light and comfortable when they use it. You can choose 8 shades of them based on your own skin tone. But, as the promise, unfortunately Revlon Colorstay is not last for 24 hours, its just stay for among 6-8 hours only and after that your face will look creaky.

- Ultra-lightweight foundation for normal to oily skin
- Tone plus texture-fitting foundation for the ultimate natural fit
- Erases pores and matches natural tone
- Long-lasting shine control that lasts up to 24 hours
- Comes in 22 beautiful, longwearing shades
- Oil-free, fragrance free, SPF protection

Both Maybelline Fit Me and Revlon Colorstay have their own fans or loyal customers, knowing that every girl has different skin type, skin tone, and how to use. Both of foundations have light and comfy texture, long lasting for 6-8 hours, and even from its selling price also almost same. The difference is just from Maybelline Fit Me which has 2 types of foundation while Revlon has not. It comes back to you as a consumer to choose wisely which one is better.