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For fishing, surfing, and other water sports, Maui Jim is one of the best sunglasses brands. This brand is known for their cool sporty design, excellent build quality, and very clear lenses. In the following Maui Jim Spartan Reef review, we will take a deeper look into a pair of sunglasses that is impressively crisp and comfortable to wear.

Read on below to learn more about:
– The size and fit of Maui Jim Spartan Reef
– The frame’s build quality and durability
– The available frame options that this model provides
– The lens material that is used for this model
– The available options for the lens color
– Whether you should get Maui Jim Spartan Reef or not

Let’s start from the design and fit of the sunglasses. According to Maui Jim, this model features a modified rectangular frame which can complement various facial shapes. However, it is not anything like Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa, which we discussed in the previous post. Those two lean more towards being classy. This one is sporty.

If you take a look at it, you can easily notice the resemblance with the traditional, conventional rectangular design. However, this model has a somewhat thicker, curvier frame and wider nose pads. These features add a significant sports look.

The rectangular design works because it is suitable for various facial shapes. So, if you haven’t found any luck with any other sports sunglasses, Maui Jim Spartan Reef has a large chance to look great on you.

Maui Jim Spartan Reef has a true medium fit. The total frame width is 133 mm, and the bridge width is 16 mm. The arm length is 125 mm. Note that the bridge has a fixed saddle-style design. It has embedded nose pads to optimize the comfort. People with a small to medium fit will find it snug and comfortable, but people with a large fit will find that it is a bit too tight and narrow.

Build Quality
One of the many great things about Maui Jim Spartan Reef is that it has a lightweight yet highly durable frame. The frame is made from nylon – a material that is somewhat flexible yet very tough. The temple arms are covered with rubber to enhance the comfort. The smooth arms ensure that they won’t irritate your skin.

The arms are connected to the main part of the frame with anti-corrosive springs. Thanks to these springs, the arms can provide a secure and snug fit. Don’t worry; the resistance of the springs isn’t very high, so it won’t squeeze your head. With proper care, the springs can be quite durable and long-lasting.

However, Maui Jim Spartan Reef is still not as durable as some other sports sunglasses from the company. This is because of the lens material, which is not shatter-proof despite being scratch-proof.. In addition, although the springs are quite durable, they may still break when pushed or pulled heavily. It is still a viable choice for water sports, but make sure that you won’t abuse it or sit on it.

Frame Options
Maui Jim Spartan Reef comes with five frame colors. They include Gloss Black, Marlin, Matte Tortoise Rubber, Redfish, and Mahi Mahi. So, there are several options for you to choose from. Of course, you can customize your sunglasses by heading to the product’s page on the company’s website to mix-and-match different frame and lens colors.

Gloss Black is always a safe bet. This common color suits all people and clothing items. But if you want a slightly different look, Marlin and Mahi Mahi are great. Marlin is mostly black but with some blue hues, while Mahi Mahi is black with more hues of blue and yellow. Tortoise is a pattern of redish brown and black. Redfish is similar but with a significantly gradation and subtler less pronounced pattern.

Lens Material
The lens material used for Maui Jim Spartan Reef is SuperThin Glass. This is the company’s proprietary glass lens material. Maui Jim goes as far as saying that SuperThin Glass is the absolute crispest optics which offers maximum clarity while being thinner and lighter than regular glass. The company claims that this material is between 20% – 32% thinner and lighter than regular glass.

The superior clarity is indeed awesome. Many users have been amazed by the ultra-clear and crisp image quality provided by the lenses. In addition, the material has a high scratch resistance, so the lenses can stay clean and last for a long time if you don’t abuse them.

However, there are two weaknesses of the glass. First, it is indeed heavier than non-glass materials. Although SuperThin Glass is thinner and lighter than regular glass, it still has noticeably more weight than plastic. This is not a major problem. Just keep in mind that the sunglasses will weigh more on the front than the rear. Second, it is not shatter-proof, so you should avoid dropping it or throwing it recklessly.

Lens Options
As usual, this Maui Jim sunglasses have several lens colors. If you head to the My Maui customization page of the product, you can find six options for the lens color, which include Blue Hawaii, Maui HT, Neutral Gray, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose, and Maui Sunrise.

You can choose your favorite color here, if you want to. However, the company recommends Blue Hawaii for water activities, Maui HT for increased brightness and contrast in low-light conditions, Neutral Gray if you prefer neutral colors, and HCL Bronze if you like a warm tint. Maui Rose and Maui Sunrise provide light reduction, suitable for fast-action activities.

In addition, Maui Jim Spartan Reef is available as readers. So, this is a great choice even if you are farsighted. You can order it as readers if you want the sunglasses to help you in reading or seeing close-distance objects. There are three magnification levels available, which are +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50.

- Glass Lenses,Nylon - Imported - Frame Material: Plastic - Lens Material: Glass - Lens Width: 64mm - Bridge: 17mm - Arm: 125mm

Maui Jim Spartan Reef is an excellent choice if you want sporty sunglasses with the highest clarity. The lens material is SuperThin Glass, which offers the highest clarity and scratch resistance. However, it requires some care, as the lenses are not shatter-proof. It has a true medium fit and is available as readers.

Maui Jim Spartan Reef Review: Specifications
• Base Curve: 8
• Lens Width: 63.5 mm
• Lens Height: 43.0 mm
• Bridge Width: 16 mm
• Frame Width: 133 mm
• Temple Arm : 125 mm
• Shape: Modified rectangular frame
• Bridge: Saddle-style fixed bridge, embedded nose pads
• Finishing Treatment: Gloss / Matte
• Material: Nylon frame, rubber temples
• Hinge: Anti-corrosive spring
• Frame Color: Gloss Black, Marlin, Matte Tortoise Rubber, Redfish, MahiMahi
• Lens Material: SuperThin Glass
• Lens Color: Blue Hawaii, Maui HT, Neutral Gray, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose, Maui Sunrise
• Readers: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50

Maui Jim Spartan Reef Review: Pros
– Lightweight and comfortable frame
– Suitable for various facial shapes
– The glass lenses have impressive clarity and crispness
– Plenty of frame and lens colors
– Available as readers

Maui Jim Spartan Reef Review: Price
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