Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator

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Looking for aviator-style sunglasses? Maui Jim Mavericks and Ray Ban Aviator are some of the very best options available in the market. Both of these models look very cool and stylish. In this article, we will compare Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator to help you choose the best sunglasses for the money.

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– Which sunglasses that you should choose

Both of these two models have a medium fit. They have a similar bridge width. However, the overall dimensions slightly differ. Maui Jim Mavericks is a bit larger and more adjustable than Ray Ban Aviator. See also: Maui Jim Cliff House vs Mavericks.

Maui Jim Mavericks has a total frame width of 136 mm and a bridge width of 14 mm. The temple arm length is about 137 mm. It can fit most people just fine, but it is especially great for people with a slightly bigger head due to the extended dimensions. In addition, it has adjustable non-slip nose pads to ensure that the frame will stay in place in any condition.

Ray Ban Aviator is a slightly smaller frame. It has a total width of 130 mm. The bridge width is similar to that of Maui Jim Mavericks, which is 14 mm. Meanwhile, the temple arms are a bit shorter at 135 mm. This frame can fit most people as well. It is closer to a true medium fit. The difference is not dramatic, but such subtle differences are often the ones that make a frame more comfortable than the others.

Design and Build
Both Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator have an aviator-style design. They both have tear-shaped lenses and double bridges. They both can enhance your appearance with their classic yet elegant looks.

Maui Jim Mavericks comes with larger lenses. Each of its lenses measures 61 mm wide and 49 mm high. It certainly looks nice and stylish. If your face is a bit wider or taller than the strictly medium size, you will find that this model matches your face better due to the slightly larger lenses.

On the other hand, Ray Ban Aviator has smaller lenses. Each of its lenses measures 58 mm wide and 51 mm high. Indeed, the lenses are slightly taller than those of Maui Jim Mavericks, but the narrower shape is easier to notice.

Nevertheless, Ray Ban Aviator still looks just as stylish as Maui Jim Mavericks. The company claims that Ray Ban Aviator has been the preferred choice of the American military. It was worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and it has been used by many other celebrities – another reason why it has become so popular.

Both frames are highly durable. Maui Jim Mavericks comes with a pure titanium frame that is lightweight and durable, plus anti-corrosive traditional hinges that can last for a long time. Ray Ban Aviator features a metallic frame that is tough and sturdy, too.

Frame Colors
Maui Jim Mavericks has three options for the frame color. There are silver, gold, and rose gold frames available. It does not have any black variant. You can match any frame color with any lens color that you prefer on the My Maui customization page on the official website.

On the other hand, the ‘standard’ Ray Ban Aviator is only available in black, gunmetal, and gold. However, you can customize your sunglasses on the official website. On the customization page, there are several more color options, such as matte gold, matte gunmetal, silver, matte silver, light bronze, bronze, dark bronze, and bronze gold.

Lens Material
When choosing between Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator, note that they may come with different lens materials. With Maui Jim Mavericks, you get premium-quality plastic lenses. With Ray Ban Aviator, the available lenses are all made of glass.

Maui Jim Mavericks is fitted with Maui Pure lenses. The company claims that the Maui Pure lens material is able to provide superior clarity and crispness, almost at the same levels as their Super Thin Glass lens material, while being ultra-light and highly shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant. In general, the Maui Pure lenses are more durable.

Ray Ban Aviator comes with glass lenses. Their glass lenses offer the highest optical clarity and the lowest distortion. They offer the best image quality. In addition, glass lenses are naturally scratch-proof, so the lenses will look new and clear for a long time. However, they are not shatterproof. They are prone to breaking if dropped. So, you need to handle the sunglasses carefully to avoid breaking them.

Lens Colors
Maui Jim Mavericks is available in several lens colors. There are Blue Hawaii (blue), Maui HT (green), Neutral Gray (gray), HCL Bronze (bronze), Maui Rose (dark pink), and Maui Sunrise (bright purple). In addition, Maui Jim Mavericks is available as readers and is prescription-ready.

The different colors will give different effects to your vision, so choose the one that suits your purpose. The blue and green colors are good for fishing and water activities due to having great contrast and coolness. The gray one is good for everyday activities, while the bronze one is good for varying light conditions. The pink and purple colors are suitable for fast-action sports.

The standard Ray Ban Aviators is only available in two lens colors, which are green and brown. However, if you head to the customization page, you will find many more options. There are classic, gradient, mirrored, and flashed lenses. It is also available as readers and is prescription-ready.

Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator

- Polycarbonate,Titanium
- Made in USA or Imported
- Titanium frame
- Plastic,Polycarbonate,Plastic lens
- polarized
- Bridge: 14 millimeters
- Lens width: 61 millimeters
- Metal
- Imported
- Metal frame
- Plastic lens
- Polarized
- 100% UV400 protection coating
- Lens width: 58 millimeters

Both are very good options, but Maui Jim Mavericks is more recommended in the end. It has a slightly bigger size and adjustable nose pads, so it can fit most people properly. The frame is lightweight yet very durable. In addition, it comes with more durable lenses while still offering excellent clarity and crispness.