Maui Jim Guardrails Review: Well-Made Aviator Sunglasses

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If you’ve been interested in sunglasses for some time, Maui Jim is certainly a familiar name. The company has produced a wide range of premium-quality sunglasses in a variety of styles. In this Maui Jim Guardrails review, we will take a look at a modified aviator frame that can suit various face shapes. Is this the right one for you?

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– Whether it provides good coverage or not
– Whether you should get Maui Jim Guardrails or not

Design and Build
Let’s start from the design. Maui Jim Guardrails comes with a modified aviator design, which has more rounded lenses. It features a double-bridge design. It is full-frame, but the frame is rather thin. Aviator sunglasses are often large and only suitable for people with certain facial shapes. However, this modified aviator design is great because it can look great on most people.Overall, Maui Jim Guardrails looks really classy and elegant. See also: Maui Jim Mavericks vs Ray Ban Aviator.

It retains a wide top, but the bottom is not tapered. Instead, the bottom is more rounded without being too round. Hence, it can contrast a square or round face quite well and actually look great. If you’ve been unable to find a frame that suits your facial shape properly, Maui Jim Guardrails has a great chance to look great on you.

According to the specifications, the frame is made from the company’s proprietary material, the MauiFlex memory metal frame. It is incredibly comfortable. Although it is metal, it is somewhat flexible. It can adapt to the contour of your head to provide a precise fit. As the effect, it can be snug without causing any pressure point or discomfort. Even so, the material is surprisingly lightweight and durable.

Unfortunately, Maui Jim Guardrails is only fitted with traditional hinges. It doesn’t have spring hinges. It would be really awesome if it came with spring hinges. With spring hinges, the frame would feel even more precise. At least, these hinges are sturdy and durable. They are anti-corrosive, so they will last for a long time regardless of environmental factors like moisture and humidity.

Size and Fit
The next thing that you should know about Maui Jim Guardrails is the size and fit. Before buying a frame, you should at least try to find out whether it will fit you well or not. Note that this model has a medium-large fit.

Maui Jim Guardrails has a base curve rating of 6. It means that it is not really flat, but it won’t conform closely to your face. The bridge width is about 17 mm, which is pretty wide. Fortunately, it comes with adjustable non-slip Rabalon nose pads, so you can adjust the fit to match your particular nose shape. By adjusting the nose pads, and as long as your nose isn’t too small, the frame won’t slip down.

The total frame width is 133 mm. The temple arm length is 130 mm. This frame can fit people with a medium face width snugly, but the ones with a large face shape will find it too small. An ideal frame width should just a bit wider than your face width.

Frame Colors
Maui Jim Guardrails is available in three frame colors that you can choose from. The options include Gloss Black, Metallic Gloss Copper, and Silver with Blue and Light Blue. All of them look great and stylish.

The Gloss Black variant is generally the most versatile because you can match the black frame with practically any clothing. However, if you don’t want a conventional look, the Metallic Gloss Copper is a decent alternative. The Silver with Blue and Light Blue variant has a sporty look, so it is suitable for outdoors and sports.

Lens Options
One of the best things about Maui Jim Guardrails is that it is available with various lens options. The lens material is Maui Brilliant, which is the company’s proprietary plastic material. Despite being plastic, this material is awesome. It provides great clarity which rivals glass while having only one-third of glass’s weight. It also has good scratch resistance and great impact resistance.

There are multiple lens colors available. The options include Blue Hawaii, Maui HT (green), Neutral Gray, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose (pink), and Maui Sunrise (bright purple). Choosing the right color depends on your activities and, of course, your personal taste.

The blue and green lenses can provide great contrast and very rich colors. They are recommended for water activities. Meanwhile, the gray and bronze lenses are suitable for everyday use, as these lenses can adapt to different lighting conditions quite well. The pink and purple lenses are designed for fast-action sports under full sun.

Furthermore, Maui Jim Guardrails is also available as readers. There are three magnification levels available for readers, which are +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. So, if you are farsighted and you want sunglasses that can help you read and see close-distance objects easily, you can order one of these readers. Maui Jim Guardrails is also prescription-ready if you order it from the official website.

Being aviator-style sunglasses, Maui Jim Guardrails naturally has large lenses. Each of its lenses measures 58 mm wide and 43 mm tall. It provides decent coverage to your eyes.

The base curve rating is 6, which means that it is slightly more curved than regular eyeglasses. The higher curvature is beneficial because it helps to shield your eyes better from glares and bright lights coming from off-center directions.

The large, wide lenses cover the eyes very well from sunlight. The polarization is definitely great, as it effectively filters all glares and bright lights. It also provides a wide field of view with excellent peripheral vision.

- Metal Frames - Made in USA or Imported - Metal frame - Composite lens - Polarized - 100% UV protection coating - Lens width: 58 millimeters

Maui Jim Guardrails is highly recommended. It can suit most people well, thanks to the customized aviator design. The build quality is excellent. It provides decent coverage to the eyes, and is available with multiple lens options to suit different needs.

Maui Jim Guardrails Review: Specifications
Base Curve: 6
Frame Width: 133 mm
Bridge Width: 17 mm
Lens Height: 43 mm
Lens Width: 58 mm
Temple Arm Length: 130 mm
Shape: Modified aviator
Bridge: Double-bridge, adjustable non-slip Rabalon nose pads
Material: MauiFlex memory metal frame
Hinge: Anti-corrosive traditional hinge
Finishing Treatment: High gloss
Frame Color:
– Gloss Black
– Metallic Gloss Copper
– Silver with Blue and Light Blue
Lens Color:
– Blue Hawaii
– Maui HT
– Neutral Gray
– HCL Bronze
– Maui Rose
– Maui Sunrise
Readers: Readers available in +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50
Case: Large Clam Case

Maui Jim Guardrails Review: Pros
– Snug, precise, and comfortable fit
– Lightweight yet very durable
– Plenty of lens options to suit different needs
– Excellent coverage
– Suitable for a wide range of facial shapes

Maui Jim Guardrails Review: Price
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