Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa

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Maui Jim Banyans and Maui  indeed look similar. They both have rectangular frames and rubber on nose pads, and they can look great on a wide range of facial shapes. So, between Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa, which one is better for you?

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– The size and fit of each frame
– The build quality of each frame
– The field of view of Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa
– The available color choices for the frames
– The available lens options for each model
– Whether Maui Jim Banyans or Maui Jim Hookipa is better

Size and Fit
First of all, let’s compare the fit of Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa. Although they both have a base curve rating of 8, the frames do have slightly different dimensions.Maui Jim Banyans is slightly larger and wider, while Maui Jim Hookipa is a bit smaller. See also: Maui Jim Cliff House vs Mavericks.

Maui Jim Banyans has a total frame width of 157 mm and a bridge width of 17 mm. The arm length is 130 mm. Indeed, this frame is quite large, so it is more suitable for people who normally use a large fit.

In addition, there are two distinctive features of Maui Jim Banyans. First it has adjustable nose pads, which allow you to customize the fit to suit you perfectly. Second, it comes with arms that skew slightly inwards. These arms create a snug fit to keep the glasses in place. Some people find these arms nice and great, but some others prefer the more traditional design in which the arms bend downwards.

Maui Jim Hookipa, on the other hand, has a total frame width of 145 mm. The bridge width is similar to that of the Banyans, which is 17 mm. However, unlike the Banyans, Maui Jim Hookipa doesn’t have adjustable nose pads.

The arm length is also 130 mm. However, the arms follow a more traditional design, as the arms are bent downwards towards their ends. As the effect, the frame won’t be as tight or snug. This is good if you prefer the traditional design.

Design and Build Quality
Both Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa are made from Grilamid. This is a material made by the company from a lightweight yet highly durable polymer. It has extreme bending strength, and it is able to retain its shape even when exposed to a heavy force. In addition, these frames have are fitted with anti-corrosive stainless steel pin hinges. So, these frames won’t easily break, and they can last for a long time.

Of the two, Maui Jim Banyans has a slightly sportier look. This is because of the design of the arms. As described by the company, this model has a modified rectangle shape that can complement many types of face form. The frame has a smooth high-gloss finish which looks stylish.

Maui Jim Hookipa has a classy look. It has a refined rectangular shape. It is also suitable for many types of face form. It is a little bit more versatile than the Banyans because the refined classic design is suitable for people of all styles and ages. Furthermore, the frame comes with a gloss finish which looks sleek.

Field of View
Maui Jim Banyans comes with larger lenses. Each of its lenses measures 70 mm wide and 41 mm tall. The larger lenses will provide better shades. They can shield your eyes from wind and sunlight, and they will also allow a wider field of view. You can have more peripheral vision, both in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Meanwhile, Maui Jim Hookipa has smaller lenses. Each lens here measures 64 mm wide and 39 mm tall. As the effect, the lenses won’t provide as much coverage and field of view. However, this is not a major problem if your face isn’t really wide, as the glasses will fit just fine.

Frame Options
Maui Jim Banyans only has two frame options, which are gloss black and tortoise. If you prefer a classy look, the gloss black version is generally better. But if you want to appear sporty and fun, the tortoise version can be a good choice.

Maui Jim Hookipa provides three frame options. It also has gloss black and tortoise frames. In addition, it also has the smoke gray variant. This one also looks classy, but without appearing as conventional as black. The smoke gray variant is good if you want a modern, contemporary appearance.

Lens Options
The lens material for Maui Jim Banyans is Maui Brilliant. The company claims that it is their most advanced lens material ever. It is said to be as clear as pure glass, while having only one-third of the weight. It is also shatter-proof and scratch-resistant.

Maui Jim Banyans has many lens colors that you can choose from. There are Blue Hawaii, Maui HT (green), Neutral Gray, Maui Rose (pale pink), HCL Bronze, and Maui Sunrise (purple).

On the other hand, Maui Jim Hookipa has two options for the lens material, which are Maui Pure and polycarbonate. Maui Pure is said to be the company’s most popular lens material. It provides high clarity while being ultra-light and having high shatter and scratch resistance. Meanwhile, the polycarbonate material is silicone-based, and is able to provide good clarity while being highly durable.

Most of the Maui Jim Hookipa’s frames are compatible with various lens colors. The available options are similar to the Banyans’s. There is just one exception for the smoke gray frame. Somehow, if you choose the smoke gray frame on the company’s customization feature on the official website, the Maui Sunrise lens become unavailable. So, you can only pair Maui Sunrise lenses with a gloss black or tortoise frame.

Maui Jim Banyans vs Hookipa

- Composite
- Imported
- Plastic,Acetate frame
- Plastic,Polycarbonate
- Acetate
- Imported
- Lens Color: Maui Rose
- Frame Color: Tortoise

In general, Maui Jim Banyans is more recommended. This model has adjustable nose pads for a better fit, and the design of the arms will make it fit more snugly. It also has larger lenses, so it can provide better shades and a wider field of view. The lens material is Maui Brilliant, which is said to be the company’s most advanced ever.