Marmot Minimalist vs Essence

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A rain jacket that keeps you dry when the skies let loose may be the first piece of performance outdoor clothing you ever purchase; as a result, a waterproof shell is among the most important pieces of gear for comfort and safety when a storm rolls in. The models we reviewed here Marmot Minimalist vs Essence are span affordable rain protection for short day hikes and general around town use, to ultralight rain protection for climbing and trail running. Here is the further review.

Marmot Minimalist vs Essence

Marmot Minimalist
The Marmot Minimalist rain jacket features Gore-Tex Paclite fabric. A heavy hitter in the industry, Gore-Tex has long been a recognizable brand that consumers trust. The jacket itself is designed quite well and offers the most bombproof weather protection and durability of all the rain jackets we tested. This contender is the closest thing to a lightweight hardshell jacket and would be a great shell for alpine ascents; it can also double as a backcountry ski shell. This model is on the heavy side with regard to weight, at 15 ounces. The Marmot Minimalist is a performance jacket; the cut is athletic, the construction quality is superior, and the weather protection is excellent. The hood stands out, in particular, as being constructed to provide excellent protection against the weather, excellent peripheral vision, and superior adjustability. We found the fabric of the jacket was more durable than any other rain jacket that have been tested, making it an ideal choice for heavy abuse while climbing, hiking, trekking or even backcountry or downhill skiing. Of the rain jackets we tested, this jacket is the closest in construction and function to crossing over into the hardshell 3 layer construction jacket category.

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Marmot Essence
This product is waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and moves comfortably when you do, these are the gold standards for a rain jacket. The Marmot Essence Jacket, delivers like no rain jacket has done before. One of three ultralight models that have been tested, it’s hands down our favorite jacket. If you are seeking rain protection for high energy adventures, this product will move with you and keep you dry from the inside and out. Most features have been stripped away: this jacket has no hand pockets and no integral stuffing option. It’s all business. This rain jacket represents the state-of-the-art in ultralight construction and breathability. Those seeking a compact, waterproof jacket that is breathable beyond compare will love this product. High energy fun is what this jacket is designed for and it’s the choice for everything from trail running to light and fast summer alpine climbing. The minimalist design feels barely-there, and will rarely take off this jacket. This jacket is really a truly ultralight design with minimal features aimed solely at comfort. A small micro fleece patch provides a smooth touch on the chin when the jacket is fully zipped and the cord locks for the hood adjustment are easy to tighten with one hand. The cord lock at the bottom hem is also easy to manipulate with one hand.

- Attached Adjustable Hood
- GORE-TEX with Paclite Technology
- PitZips for ventilation
- 100% Seam Taped
- Chest Pocket with Water-Resistant Zipper
- 20 denier Stretch NanoPro™ Membrain® Waterproof/ Breathable
- 100% Seam Taped
- Helmet Compatible Hood with Moldable Brim
- Chest Pocket with Water-Resistant Zipper
- Integrated Cooling Vents

In conclusion, Marmot Essence Jacket is a dream come true for buyers that want a super light, waterproof, exceptionally breathable rain jacket. Its features have been minimized and optimized to seal out the weather while staying light and easy to use. The “Angel Wing Movement” design makes this jacket perfect for fast-moving climbing, hiking, and running while Marmot Minimalist has a rather heavy weight rain shell