Luminess vs Temptu

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Have you ever imagined that your face can as pretty as the top celebrities which is smooth, toned, and without rinkless? It means that you have never tried an airbrush make up tool. What kind of tool is that? Airbrush makeup is a treat reserved for wedding days and other special events. Air Brush makeup is a technique in which the make up was applied to the skin using air pressure through a tool called the air brush spray gun. With this tool you can sweep the face with base make-up, eyeshadow, blush, shading and others with ease. There are 2 popular tools for airbrush make up namely Luminess and Temptu. Many of beauty enthusiast has made some reviews about both of them, Who is the winner? We do not know until the explanations of this article write down the features and specifications.

Luminess vs Temptu

Luminess Airbrush make a super easy for ordinary gals to apply makeup with results that as good as make up artist done. All you have to do is apply the cosmetics on your face and body fastly, easily, and flawlessly. Luminess has 2 types of airbrush, there are Luminess air and Luminess Proffesional. All kits might be different on each own prices ($229-$310). The machines don’t really start to wow you until the Pro Series which has a compact size and powerful compressor. But, overall you can cover all the imperfections of your face, minimizing wrinkles, concealing tattoos, applying flawless eyeshadow, and bronzing. But the satin will only last for 8 hours although it is lighter and contains vitamin E and antioxidants. However, The Luminess has been getting very positive reports and the new Luminess makeup is said to achieve much better results.

Temptu Makeup Airbrush System is for professional use only because the machines use a stream of air to turn makeup into a micro-fine mist. It is making flawless makeup and lightly coats the skin. For among range of price $195-$240, you will get The machine and wand, Foundatio Airpod, Blush Airpod, Highlighter Airpod, Bronzer Airpod, Concealer stick, and Instructinal DVD. You can apply it and get about 4-6 inches from your face to get dewy look. Before applying to your face, you must determine your skintone to avoid wrong color of foundation. The foundation formula is universally flattering and it works well on all skin types, but those with extremely dry skin might want to do a little prep first. If you are producing sweat while wearing makeup, it will make your face splotchy the rest of the day, but with the Temptu foundation it stays in place.

- Dermatologist Tested
- Minimizes Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Texture
- Water-Based Formula
- Ideal for Sensitive Skin
- Silicone-based formula.
- Long lasting for all-day wear.
- Oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.
- Customizable color.

Temptu airbrush makeup is producing more perfect results from the tools because it comes with the newest machine of airbrush although if you are not a professional you will get wrong with this device. While Luminess is cheaper than Temptu of course, because the machine itself is not as sophisticated as Temptu.