Luminess vs Dinair

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Make up nowadays gets increasing the methods, the tools for make up are so many and the technology has been there complete them. Do you know airbrush? The newest technology of make up methods that has used among beauty enthusiast out there. With this tool you can sweep the face with base make-up, eyeshadow, blush, shading and others with ease. Everyone wants and needs to have flawless skin airbrushing can provide. Because of many demands received, many makeup companies now market their brands for both professional salon use and individual self-application kits. There are 2 popular tools or kits for airbrush make up namely Luminess and Dinair. To find which one is the best airbrush make up tools, we have to compare on the inside of these products. All we can do is writing the detail of this product too and this article is provided them.

Luminess vs Dinair

Luminess Air has been reviewed by us before with the competitor (Temptu). Still, Luminess claims for the best airbrush kit and they seem clever in marketing brands and do a lot of infomercials. It promises a quick and simple learning curve, and to provide buyers with everything they need to get started applying airbrushed makeup, including Compressor, stylus & nozzle, two foundations, Blush, Bronzer, Glow, and also Primer or Moisturizer. The foundation is having function as an oil-free and good for those who has a sensitive skin especially on face. The benefits of using this foundation are coming in kinds such as a delicate and flawless finish that feels like you are not wearing makeup, hygienic tools, light to maximum coverage that will make you have a younger skin, and great for using on our face and body. Although this airbrush has a lot of benefits, you have to buy it with high price too, it is worth it since you can create a natural look that appears flawless with minimal practice.

Dinair Airbrush is the first brand to offer airbrush makeup for independently use with strong commitment to innovation until now. You can choose all these makeup colors as you want by yourself and from any Dinair line. It is consisting of 8 shades for Personal Pro and a whopping 16 shades for the Studio Pro. The features of this product are using the sophisticated one called the new CX series airbrush and become one of remarkable improvement from its predecessor. You will feel very smoothly and atomizes and also work efficiently by using the airbrush from Dinair. It is still a proprietary design, which means that if you are used to other types of airbrush it will take a little getting used to. Actually this is so effective that I wish Dinair made it available for any kind of airbrush anywhere in the world! The new Airbrush Cleaner solution by Dinair is another thing that has been greatly improved.

- Get photo-quality, flawless looking skin with Luminess Air Airbrush System
- The Luminess Air Airbrush System is portable and durable, making it easy to travel with
- Achieve professional makeup artist results in your own home with the Luminess Air Airbrush System
- Rub Proof and Water Resistant
- Mix your Perfect Shade
- Non-Comedogenic and Hypo-Allergenic

Dinair and Luminess systems closely resemble each other. But, Dinair is slightly cheaper compare to Luminess. And the longevity if Dinai will stay completely put through 5 hours shift even more. When doing this, be sure to compare all the parts included in your kit. Also, consider the products you will have to use, and whether or not they face on your skin’s needs.