Lugz Shoes Review: Modern, Contemporary, and Classy Appearance

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Are you looking for a pair of comfortable and easy to wear shoes? Well, you can consider getting a pair of Lugz Shoes! The name Lugz is quite popular on the market. Lugz is one manufacturer that has produced a variety of footwear products, from casual sneakers to shoes to work boots. Now, for an extremely comfortable and easy to wear shoes, we recommend you to take a look at Lugz Strider CC Fashion Sneaker. It is very affordable and budget-friendly. Even so, it speaks about modernity and contemporary design. It is very stylish and classy.

Lugz Shoes Review

Lugz products have always been considered great. They are high-quality products made from high-quality materials. Lugz has released various models to the market for different purposes, start from the casual sneakers to the heavy-duty work proof boots. Lugz shoes are generally stylish and comfortable. The Lugz Strider CC Fashion Sneaker is not different. It is more of a casual sneaker, as it features a simple yet elegant design. The materials that the Lugz shoe uses are actually quite rugged for light-duty uses. This Lugz shoe should not be used for heavy-duty works, or you risk about breaking it.

The Lugz Strider CC Fashion Sneaker is available in four color variants: black, black and white, black and gum, charcoal and white. All look very cool, so choosing the color depends on your personal taste. Apparently, the Lugz shoe has been designed for the ultimate comfort, because it is very comfortable to wear. This is the shoe that you would want to slip into, after a long day at work and you want to relax and enjoy the evening. It is very lightweight, too, and not tiring. You can wear it all day and stay comfortable. There are many sizes available, and in general it fits perfectly.

The upper is made from a canvas material, very soft and gentle to the foot. The shaft measures by 3” from the arch. The material is quite durable for casual usage, but you should not over-abuse it. It can prevent splashes from the road from touching your foot just fine. It has a vulcanized bottom that provides a very good cushioning for comfortable walking.

- Textile - Rubber sole - Shaft measures approximately 3" from arch - Canvas upper - Vulcanized bottom - Flexible sole

The sole is pretty thick, made from a flexible rubber material. It gives good and dependable traction. It grips well into the ground, preventing slipping. It is also durable enough to protect the foot from possible sharp objects on the ground. The lace is made from a cloth material. It has a simple and minimalistic lacing style, allowing for easy and quick wearing.

Specifications of Lugz Shoes
Canvas upper
Vulcanized bottom
Shaft measures by about 3″ from arch
Flexible sole
Rubber sole

Pros of Lugz Shoes
– Available at a very affordable and budget friendly price point
– Cool and trendy color choices
– Simple yet elegant and classy appearance
– Very comfortable and convenient to wear
– Suitable for casual going outs

Price of Lugz Shoes
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