Lotion vs Body Butter

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A dry skin condition results when the skin loses its natural moisture. This prodrome can be caused by many different factors, such as harsh weather, cosmetics, aging, pollution, or poor nutrition intake. A dry skin feels rough and gets irritated quite easily.

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To treat a dry skin condition, there are two kinds of products that often used by people: body lotion and body butter. Both of them function to provide some healthy moisturization to the skin. Even so, body lotion and body butter are two very different things. Make sure that you are aware of the distinctions so that you can tell which one is best for you!

Body Lotion

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A body lotion is a skin moisturizer that is made from the combination of water and oils. Hence, it usually has a light texture, and is not or not-so greasy. Hence, body lotion can be absorbed a lot more easily by the skin. Body lotion is suitable for all skin types, including a moderately dry skin. It is especially effective during summers. If it has a slightly thicker texture, it may be called a body cream.

Body Butter

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At the contrast, a body butter is a lot more intense than a body lotion. It is significantly thicker and is typically greasy. It is made from oils and butter, such as cocoa butter and shea butter. In the making process, the seeds and nuts are ground or cold-pressed in order to extract their oils. Body butter is much thicker and more viscous than body lotion and body cream. This feature allows for more intensive moisturization. Body butter is suitable for very dry skins and during winters.

Lotion vs Body Butter

Body LotionBody Butter
- Made from water and oils- Made from oils and butter
- Light and not so greasy- Significantly thicker and greasy
- Adequate level of moisturization- Intensive moisturization
- Suitable for all skin types- More suitable for very dry skins
- Great for summers- Great for winters

See the differences between Lotion vs Body Butter on pictures :

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So, body lotion is lighter, suitable for most skin types and in summers. Meanwhile, body butter is a lot thicker, suitable for very dry skins and in winters.